Problems From Not Drinking Enough Water

Maintaining proper hydration is essential to healthy organ function. As we have always recommended, it’s necessary to consume at least 8 glasses of water each day. If we make this healthy habit a routine in our daily lives, we can help prevent ourselves from suffering from major health problems down the road.

After tons of research and investigation, it has been shown that when you do not consume the necessary amount of water needed for you body, the risks is elevated for you to suffer from a lot of health problems, above all to those who are very physically active. Pathologists discovered that the people who suffer from dehydration have suffered effects on the kidneys, as well as suffering from intestinal and circulatory problems.

Other health problems that can present from dehydration are headaches (such as migraines), because the brain and eyes aren’t receiving the amounts of water necessary to function. The lack of hydration in these organs can provoke severe inflammation both inside and behind the eyes, which could possibly lead to loss of vision. The symptoms of dehydration could include cramps, severe headache, fatigue, muscle pain, and frequent mood swings.

People who are very active, whether at work or exercising, need to stay more hydrated even though they may not be thirsty. This is because the lack of water in the organs is the leading cause of headaches, loss of mobility, colon and bladder cancer, as well as the loss of physical and mental development.

The importance of water in digestion

Water is fundamental for correct intestinal function, since the absence of liquid slows the digestion process, and can also aid in producing polyps in the large intestine; these can cause constipation. If these accumulate and grow over time, they can cause inflammation and pain in the colon; in worse cases, they can get infected and cause colitis.

Benefits of drinking water to prevent diseases


As we know, arthritis is brought on by change or deterioration of cartilage, which is the tissue found in the joints that helps us move and bend smoothly. As of now, the exact cause of arthritis is unknown, and there is no medical cure; only medicines to help reduce inflammation and pain.

It’s important to know that everyone who suffers from this pain, whether in beginning or more aggressive stages, that the cause of the pain can be in great deal due to lack of hydration; the cartilage contains a great deal of water to be able to function properly and need to remain lubricated to move seamlessly without causing the typical arthritis pain.

Back Pain

Everything mentioned regarding the importance of hydration with regards to arthritis, is also true in prevention of back pain, since the vertebral joints require water to remain functional and prevent friction between discs.


In the majority of cases, migraines are caused by not drinking enough water. Water helps regulate body temperature, and without it, the vessels dilate- which provokes strong headaches. When this happens, you need to drink a big glass of cold water to drop your internal body temperature. If we hydrate this way constantly, we’re sure to prevent migraine attacks in the future!

Chronic fatigue and depression

Generally, depression is caused by stress due to a number of endless family problems and daily chores.

Along with depression, we find that sadness and lack of energy can be caused simply by not drinking enough water, especially from within the brain- which needs water to function and provide energy to the body. That’s why if we’re not sufficiently hydrated, the body cannot produce enough energy that the brain needs to function correctly.


We cannot emphasize enough how important that sufficient hydration is, as it is the most simple way to keep your body healthy and live a long life. These reasons are more than enough for you to not forget that water bottle, be aware, and take in account the aforementioned suggestions if you want to maintain and excellent quality of life for many years.
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