10 Alternative Uses of Coffee that You Didn’t Know About

After drinking a good cup of coffee, a lot of people generally throw out the leftover grounds. And yet, as in so many other cases, the grounds can be used in other ways. Knowing how to reuse them can even help us save a bit of money. Below we are going to show you 10 alternative uses of coffee, all of which are easy options.

1. Prevents bad odors

Placing a bit of coffee in a jar and storing it in the fridge could be a huge help at preventing bad odors. Also, if your hands are smelly, all you need to do is rub a bit of coffee over them, then rinse with warm water. This will remove the odor.

2. Skin exfoliant

Thanks to coffee’s texture, coffee grounds are great for exfoliating the skin and reducing cellulite. For the latter, we recommend mixing used coffee grounds with a bit of coconut oil and then rub it on your skin in circular motions. Use a similar process to exfoliate skin: mix the coffee with half a tablespoon of olive oil and rub over your skin for a few minutes. Then all you need to do is rinse.

3. Make compost

Coffee is perfect for making compost. You can also add it to plants that need more acidic soil, because coffee provides a good amount of elements like copper, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Likewise, mixing ground coffee beans into carrot and radish seeds is a wonderful help for these foods.

4. Makes hair shiny

Coffee can be reused for shinier hair. This can be done by creating a coffee and water solution, just like when you want to make a cup of coffee. Do this with cold water, or at least with water that is room temperature. Use the solution after washing your hair, letting set for 20 minutes or so. Then rinse.

5. Animal and insect repellent

Coffee is an effective ant repellent, as well as repelling other animals, primarily cats. For ants, just sprinkle a bit of ground, dry coffee in the areas that you have the insects. If you would like to repel cats, it’s better to mix the coffee grounds with lemon and orange rinds. A lot of these animals do not like this smell, which is why it keeps them away. And if that weren’t enough, rubbing a bit of moist coffee grounds on your pets also helps keep them flea-free.

6. Cleaner

Due to the abrasive and acidic qualities in coffee, it can be used as a surface cleaner, especially in the kitchen. Just mix ground coffee with a bit of soap and water, and apply them to whichever areas you would like to clean.

7. Air freshener

In addition to preventing odors, coffee also acts as an air freshener, thanks to its strong and penetrating aroma, which is also pleasant. In this case, just place ground coffee inside a bag or porous fabric, and let the coffee’s aroma spread everywhere. You could also add some sort of aromatic oil to it, or fruit rind.

8. Dust suppressant

Coffee can be used in areas that accumulate a lot of mildew or dirt, like chimneys. It is important that the ground coffee is not moist, because this could cause the opposite effect to occur. Sprinkle the coffee grounds over the dust, making it easy to wipe away.

9. Keeps furniture in good shape

Wood furniture can be preserved in good conditions, thanks to coffee. Just rub a cloth with grounds on it over the furniture surface, which will make it shiny.

10. Cooking

Coffee remnants are useful for preparing different cakes and pastries. You could also use it as a bottom layer for growing mushrooms. As previously seen, coffee possess properties that are very good for soil in general, as well as for cultivating certain plants.

Were you surprised to learn about these alternative uses of coffee?