12 Surprising Vitamin E Facts They Never Told You

One of the most common ingredients when it comes to skin and hair care products is vitamin E. That’s because vitamin E has incredible healing properties to heal and strengthen skin and hair. But that’s not the only thing that this incredible vitamin is capable of.

It is a fat soluble vitamin that contains strong antioxidant properties that strengthens your immune system, regulates blood sugar, prevents stroke, promotes heart health, and can protect you from cancer.

12 Facts About Vitamin E

Vitamin E tends to not get as much attention as other vitamins, but why? Here are some of the great things vitamin E can do for you.

Chapped Lips

Vitamin E is a great moisturizer and works to heal chapped lips quickly, better than petroleum based lip gloss. Just pierce a vitamin E capsule and rub the liquid on your lips. You can even mix some vitamin E with raw, organic honey for it’s great taste and antibiotic properties.

Fades Scars

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that can speed the healing of damaged skin and can prevent scars from becoming prominent. It is super moisturizing and can heal damaged skin, just rub some vitamin E on the affected area twice a day to ensure it heals quickly.

Protects Against Toxins

Everyday we are exposed to toxins from air pollution, overexposure to the sun, and commercial goods. These toxins create free radicals in our body that can damage are DNA and lead to disease like cancer. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant the searches for and kills these free radicals in our system.

Grows Hair Faster

Vitamin E’s powerful antioxidants also work to heal hair follicles and damage to the tissue of the scalp. It also works as a great conditioner because of how hydrating it is. Mixing 2 vitamin E capsule in two tablespoon of warm olive oil and massaging your head once a day, you can heal your damaged scalp allowing for faster hair growth.

Fights Wrinkles

Vitamin E stimulates the production of collagen which works to keep skin flexible and elastic, decreasing the look of aging and wrinkles. You can rub some vitamin E on your face every night before bed, but eating plenty of foods with vitamin E works as well!

Softens Hands

To stop your hands from being rough, dry, and cracked you can rub some vitamin E oil on them. It will even help to stop the skin on the back of your hands from sagging, making them look young and healthy. You can also mix some vitamin E oil into your favorite lotion as well.

Strengthens Nails

For stronger nails that won’t crack or split you can soak them in some vitamin E. Mix two or three vitamin E capsules in a small bowl with a bit of olive oil or coconut oil. Soaking your nails in this mixture for 10 minutes, twice a week will leave you with strong, healthy nails.

Treats Dermatitis

Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin that can cause some very unpleasant symptoms like swelling and redness, but the pain and itching, even burning feelings that are the most problematic. Rub vitamin E on the affected area every night, to reduce the inflammation and symptoms. Repeat until the symptoms subside and eat lots of vitamin E rich foods.

Heal Split Ends

Split ends are caused by heat damage we do to our hair. Blow dryers, hair color, curling irons, straightening irons, all of these create split ends. Massaging your hair with a mixture of vitamin E and coconut oil before shampooing, 3 times a week will cure the damage you have done to your hair.

Longer Cell Life

Like how oxidation can rust metal, free radicals can damage the cells in your body. This can contribute to anything from premature aging of the skin to heart disease, even cancer. Free radicals can’t be avoided entirely, but by eating vitamin E rich foods we can reduce the amount of damage they do greatly.

Heal Stretch Marks

If you have stretch marks from gaining or losing weight or from pregnancy, vitamin E can go a long way towards healing these scars. Its powerful antioxidants stimulate the body to make new skin cells and it also protects the collagen fibers in your skin from the damage that free radicals cause. Rub the marks with vitamin E oil and organic lemon juice every day for 8 weeks.

Helps With Hyperpigmentation

If you suffer from skin that is has uneven color or dark patches, you can use vitamin E oil to reverse the effects. The antioxidants it contains can heal the damage that is caused by the UV rays from the sun and even out your skin tone. Rub a mixture of equal parts castor and vitamin E oil every night for 4 weeks for healthier, even skin.

You don’t have to rely simply on vitamin E oil, there are plenty of foods that are rich in this incredible vitamin. You can’t overdose on this vitamin, so heal yourself from the inside out with this surprisingly powerful vitamin!