3 Easy Ways to Lighten Your Hair: Try Them!

Is it possible to lighten your hair easily and naturally? Yes, it is! Whether you want to change your “look” or just want to try something new, these tricks will be really handy for your day-to-day routine. Not only do they give you a slightly new hair color, but they also promote good all-around hair health and make it look brighter. Are you ready to try them today?

1. Chamomile rinse

First of all, we should mention that if you follow these tips for naturally lighter hair, you’re not going to go all the way to platinum blonde if your hair is dark brown. What you will see is a lighter, brighter tone and color. If your hair is naturally chestnut colored, you’ll notice a golden hue, for example.

Now we should also point out that chamomile is one of the most widely used products to lighten hair. And to enhance its natural properties, we’re going to add lemon juice to the mix.

Lemon juice is the most effective ingredient for lightening hair naturally, but over time its use will dry out your hair. So we recommend combining it with chamomile to better protect you from that dryness. How do you do it? It’s so easy. Heat two cups of water and add two chamomile tea bags. When this tea comes to a boil, remove it from heat and put it in the refrigerator.

Once it cools, add the juice of half a lemon. Apply this liquid to damp hair using a spray bottle. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing with your normal shampoo and using a good conditioner to lock in moisture. Try this twice a week and you’ll see how nice it turns out!

2. Egg, beer, and lemon rinse

This is another excellent choice that’s worth applying twice a week. As you’ll see, once again we bring in lemon juice because it helps lighten your hair naturally. But remember to never use it by itself – lemon has astringent properties that will damage your hair in the long run. Be careful!

So we’re going to add in other ingredients that, in addition to lightening and brightening hair, provide nutrition, shine, and silkiness. Bring on the beer and egg!

How do we do it? Pay attention:

Beat one egg white until it thickens.
Add half a cup of non-alcoholic beer.
Stir well and add the juice of half a lemon.

Next step? Apply this mixture to your damp hair with a gentle massage. Leave it in for 20 minutes before washing normally and applying a good conditioner. You’ll see how shiny your hair is, and over time, it will become lighter.

3. Honey, lemon, and apple cider vinegar rinse

You’ll love this one. It’s easy and gives you great results that you’ll be able to see every time. Once again, lemon juice never fails. We’ll just add in two other ingredients to lighten your hair and keep it healthy. Don’t skip any of the following steps:

Heat a cup of water and add two tablespoons of honey.

Once it comes to a boil, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and the juice of half a lemon.

Stir well and store it in your fridge. Once it’s cool, apply it to your damp hair.

Use a spray bottle if that makes it easier, or you can apply using a massage as above – whatever you choose, leave this rinse in for 20 minutes.

Now wash your hair as you normally would, and don’t forget the conditioner. Your results will be amazing.

To conclude: it’s worth reminding you again that if you have very dark hair, you’re not going to suddenly have light brown or amber locks. The tricks we’ve described here will brighten and lighten your hair, but they’re not enough to change your hair color completely. With regular use, however, they’ll give you natural highlights and make your hair look more beautiful.

Also remember to be careful when using lemon juice, and never apply it to your hair by itself because it can really dry it out. The best way to use lemon is to combine it with the other ingredients we’ve described and always use a strong conditioner afterwards to protect and moisturize your hair.

And how many times a week can you use these simple tricks? About twice a week is appropriate. It’s easy and effective, and you’ll notice your hair looking more attractive and shiny in no time. So, are you ready?