3 Medicinal Infusions to Fight Cellulite

We all know that there are no miracles when it comes to getting rid of cellulite. That orange peel skin is a small punishment that many often have to live with and want to hide. As you are aware that eliminating it completely is impossible, unless you want to undergo surgery, it is worth keeping in mind some tips that can help you fight cellulite and make its appearance less noticeable.

A good diet and exercise that allows you to strengthen those muscles are definitely a huge help. Any effort is a small step towards fighting cellulite. That is why we want to show you these infusions, which will also be your essential allies in achieving this. Would you like to learn about them?

1. Lemon Slice and Strawberry Infusion


A slice of lemon

10 clean strawberries

A liter of water


This infusion is an amazing remedy to cleanse your body, fight fluid retention, and boost blood circulation. Also, its high content of antioxidants will help you renew all of those inflamed cells that are located around the muscles and cause orange peel looking skin.

In order to benefit from this natural treatment, start by heating up a liter of water. Once it is boiling, add the clean lemon peel and then add ten strawberries. Cook these ingredients for at least 20 minutes. You will want all of the properties to stay in the water and for the strawberries to become very soft.

Once this time is up, reduce the heat and carefully remove the lemon peels. Then, put the mixture in the blender so that the strawberries mix well and you get a well-blended smoothie. The flavor is great and you can drink it warm or with a few ice cubes.

It’s best to drink a cup after every meal, for ten days. It is very effective and you will feel truly great.

2. Grapefruit and Green Tea Infusion


A grapefruit

20 grams of green tea

A glass of water (200 mL)


As you know, grapefruit is a perfect ally for losing weight. You should know that when it is combined with green tea, you will get a more than perfect infusion to accelerate your metabolism, fight fluid retention, and reduce that annoying cellulite.

The secret is being consistent, drinking this infusion every day, and having a proper diet that doesn’t lack exercise. Now, how do you make this remedy that combines green tea and grapefruit? Very easy. Start by getting the juice from a grapefruit. Once it is ready, save it.

Then, make the green tea infusion. Just add the 20 grams to the teapot that you boiled the glass of water in. Is it ready? Excellent. The next step is simple: just mix the green tea with the lemon juice. The infusion will be warm, and if you add a little bit of honey, it will be delicious.

You can drink it every day after lunch. You will see how well it works!

3. Pineapple and Dandelion Infusion


2 pineapple slices

20 grams of dandelion

A glass of water (200 mL)


You may be surprised that this infusion combines pineapple and dandelion. Mixing fruits with medicinal plants does not only increase their properties, but also the levels of vitamins and minerals. Not to mention, these remedies will be even more delicious as a result.

Pineapple, as you know, is an ideal fruit for fighting cellulite. Thanks to the bromelain, you will not only be able to cleanse your body and prevent fluid retention, but you will also treat the inflammation in these cells that causes orange peel skin. It absorbs the toxins that are concentrated there and helps you get rid of them. It’s amazing! And if you add dandelion, you will boost blood circulation even more and your liver will cleanse toxins much better. Don’t doubt it, this infusion will be your best ally in fighting cellulite.

To make it, first heat up the glass of water. Once it is boiling, add the two pineapple slices and 20 grams of dandelion and let it cook for 20 minutes. Very easy. Once this time has passed, filter the entire infusion in a colander to remove the pineapple slices and the dandelion remnants.

It’s best to drink this hot after dinner, and when accompanied with a little bit of honey, it will be delicious. If you drink it every day, you will improve your lifestyle habits. With a little more exercise in this area of your legs and if you don’t eat greasy food, sweets, or sugar, your body will notice it. Smoothing out the presence of cellulite is possible. Start right now!