4 Tips to Overcome Sadness

There are days when we have no strength; we have no motivation to face the day. These are moments when sadness grips us and drowns us with its shroud of weakness. Do not let it happen. Today in our blog we will give you 4 tips that can help you overcome sadness.

1. I accept the discouragement… but I force myself to go on

It is okay to accept discouragement or sadness. And accept discouragement in order to overcome it. This is a simple rule of thumb worth the effort to understand and apply in our daily lives. Psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that the time of day when sadness or despair usually overtakes us is in the morning.

These are the moments when we feel powerless and without any motivation to get out of bed. We must be careful not to get trapped by this feeling. Here are some basic phases.

Upon opening your eyes and waking up, you remember something that hurt you or discouraged you.

This morning “slump” takes away your strength to get out of bed with the necessary energy.

What you should do when you see this “wall” in your mind, is to first recognize that it is not good. We know that there is a problem. Something that makes you sad, that takes away your strength. Are you going to overcome it by staying in bed? Not at all.

You must realize that the last thing you should do is be trapped by these negative thoughts. You can overcome sadness little by little and with small daily achievements: get out of bed and dress in a way that makes you look beautiful in the mirror. Recognize that you are worth much more than this sadness, and that life is for living, not to weep or surrender.

You know that there are things that sadden you, but open the window and let it go away little by little to let you breathe better.

2. Pursue your dreams every day

Maybe today the weather is cloudy. Perhaps a storm is threatening and you don’t feel like doing anything. But do we win anything by staying at home and watching it rain?

Not at all. Never mind that the sky is black, that today you have more dark circles on your face than yesterday. Or that you no longer have by your side that person that used to make you happy. It’s time to look for new dreams, undertake new projects. Dreams are lit each day through small ideas that can lead in turn to great possibilities.

When you wake up, think of something that you’d like to do today. Walk in the park, go shopping. Call that friend that you have not seen in a while. Buy a new book. Try a new haircut or sign up for a class that you are interested in.

Any change that you make today will be a new bridge that is built toward your happiness for tomorrow. It’s worth giving it a try.

3. The importance of “knowing how to let go”

Surely you know what we mean by the idea of “letting go.” Everyone goes through cycles, different stages. Moments in our lives where we are attached to certain people. Later, we distance ourselves, and start a new cycle.

There are some who do not accept these changes: the breakup of a relationship, the loss of a relative, moving to another city, the loss of a job, a friendship…

Life is constantly changing, and as such we must accept that sometimes we have to put aside the past to look to the future. And this is not easy at all. It is difficult to say goodbye to someone we loved until just recently. It is hard to leave behind memories in order to focus on tomorrow in a different way.

How do we do it then? How do we “let go” of what we were or had yesterday? With courage, enthusiasm and good self-esteem. Imagine that life is like a big room full of doors which you can look through.

Do not stay trapped in a crate of memories. Look out those doors for hope.

4. Renew yourself and love yourself

Life is change and sadness becomes much more dangerous if we keep it quiet – if we stay at home and never go out, not wanting to talk to anyone. Seeking refuge in tears.

Avoid this! All effort to overcome despair certainly frees us from falling into a depression. We must realize that everyone deserves to be happy, including you.

Renew yourself with new projects. Look at yourself and find something that you’ve always wanted to do but never dared to try. Take a trip by yourself? Look for work in another city? To live is to accept challenges, and courage is needed to overcome sadness. But we assure you that you too can do it.

Because you deserve it, do not doubt that!