5 of the Best Natural Conditioners

Having healthy hair can greatly change your appearance for the better, and requires proper care. You should avoid dry hair, mistreatment with dyes, exposure to high temperatures, breakage and split ends. But if some of the previously mentioned signs have already appeared, you can use some natural hair care products to create a healthy balance. Many people make the mistake of using chemical products to revitalize the scalp, yet if you want better results, you can start using natural treatments. In this article, we’ll provide five of the best natural conditioners. You’ll love them!

Many of us mistreat our hair because we either don’t have enough time or care for it properly, which is why it loses its shine and body from factors such as the weather, sun, and use of straighteners and hairdryers. Even diet affects hair health. Fortunately, there are some processes that can give life back to your hair without having to stick to a daily hair regimen. This article will share what they are and how you can prepare them in order to get nurtured hair with renewed vitality.

Avocado conditioner

Avocado has great properties for restoring, softening, and strengthening hair, mainly due to its high vitamin and mineral content, in addition to its high level of water and vegetable oil that allows for deep hydration.

Avocado is a product that promotes the production of collagen, and it can be used on any kind of hair and helps prevent split ends. To prepare this avocado conditioner you need mayonnaise, which you mix with avocado until it turns a green color with a texture similar to that of guacamole. This mixture should be applied to damp hair from the roots to ends and should be left there for 20 minutes. Then you rinse and wash your hair.

Rosemary oil conditioner

Rosemary is used to prevent hair loss and breakage, and prevents the early appearance of gray hair; this oil is good for dry hair and a great remedy for dandruff. It is mainly good for stimulating hair follicles, allowing hair to grow.

Rosemary oil conditioner is prepared by adding a half cup of dried rosemary to a half cup of sunflower oil. This mixture is heated until it warms, then strained, and then applied from root to tip. Let it work for 15 minutes and then rinse and wash your hair, getting rid of any residue.

Honey conditioner

Honey is the best product to moisturize hair, especially curly hair. Honey is known for its high levels of vitamins and enzymes that protect against dryness and help keep hair shining. To prepare honey conditioner for curly hair you should mix half a cup of honey, half a cup of olive oil, and one egg. You should mix the ingredients well and apply the product from root to tip, allowing it to work for 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse your hair.

Egg-based conditioner

Eggs offer a variety of benefits for hair because of its protein and essential nutrient content. It works as a strengthener for hair follicles which increases volume and shine, and improves its texture and appearance. This mask or natural conditioner is prepared by combining an egg with a tablespoon of water. The liquid is then applied to the hair, left for 15 minutes, rinsed, and washed.

Homemade aloe vera conditioner

The properties of aloe vera have been used on hair throughout history. Aloe vera promotes shine, hair growth, and dandruff control.

Aloe vera pulp has a strengthening agent, which prevents hair loss. Likewise, it is good for treating greasy hair. For the best results you should apply the balm made from this product and leave it for 30 minutes. Aloe vera conditioner is created by blending the pulp with a little water and applying it to damp hair. You should use it at least 4 times a week.

Don’t forget!

It is necessary to consistently wash your hair because of the grease found in shampoo, conditioner, creams, and chemical oils that blocks hair from absorbing nutrients. Natural conditioners and products play a fundamental role in hair care, due to their active properties that can be directly taken advantage of.