5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Pancreas

The pancreas is the organ that we barely remember until we experience a disease associated with it. So, it is important to learn about this essential gland that is located behind the stomach and responsible for secreting juices that allow you to digest food. In this article, we’ll provide five tips for taking care of your pancreas.

Advice on Taking Care of Your Pancreas

1. Cruciferous Vegetables: Amazing!

Are you surprised? Surely not. We are sure that you have often read about the huge benefits of broccoli for preventing many kinds of cancer, for example. Well, these studies suggest that eating broccoli as well as Brussel’s sprouts, cauliflower, or cabbage are incredibly beneficial for protecting your pancreas from possible tumors. So don’t hesitate. Make a plate of steam broccoli twice a week for example and you can be assured that you are protected. We should also mention that if you have thyroid problems, eating cruciferous vegetables are not suggested.

2. No Tobacco!

What? Are you still hooked on this habit? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate. Stop smoking cigarettes because this is affecting your health everyday. Did you know that the probability of contracting pancreatic cancer is extremely high if you are a smoker? So remember it for your wellness, as well as that of your family, who surely won’t want to see you suffer in the future.

3. Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Food

What is unhealthy food? We are sure you know already: fried food, processed food, refined flours, sugars, industrial food, carbonated beverages… We admit that sometimes they are very easy to make, and are satisfying on those days that you get home tired, full of stress and anxiety, and wanting to disconnect by eating something easy. This is a mistake. You may not realize it today, but these foods that are high in fats and harmful elements directly damage your pancreas. Statistics show that the probability of poor nutrition high in unhealthy food causes pancreatic cancer. So, don’t hesitate and start to change your habits today, avoiding alcohol as well of course.

4. Learn to Detoxify Your Pancreas

That’s right, detoxify your pancreas. Have you ever tried it? As you already know, the pancreas is in charge of synthesizing a series of essential enzymes that will help you digest. But be careful, when your pancreas is affected or when the toxins from a poor diet saturate it, you will start to experience changes or hormonal imbalances, which will cause diabetes, for example. Your pancreas should be detoxified to keep it healthy. But, how to do this?

It’s very easy. For ten days, try to drink 10 glasses of liquid a day, and also include the juices and infusions that are recommended for the pancreas that we will specify below. The liquid will help renew your body and detoxify the pancreas.

It is also essential that you follow a diet high in antioxidants, in other words, plenty of fruit like oranges, kiwi, mangos, strawberries… All of that will help detoxify your pancreas as it strengthens it.

5. Juices to Strengthen Your Pancreas

Do you like natural juices? Then don’t hesitate, your pancreas will greatly appreciate you including the following concoctions in your diet. They will let you keep it in a good state and regenerate its functions. We should mention that we recommend drinking vegetable juices in the afternoon or with your meals, while fruit juices are great in the morning. But remember: you should drink them on an empty stomach and you should not drink anything until after a half an hour. And remember, never add sugar to them!

Cabbage, Carrot, and Lettuce Juice

A cup of Brussel’s sprouts (steamed)

A glass of carrot juice

A half a glass of water

A celery stalk

Put it all in the blender so that it mixes well and then sip it slowly. It’s so easy!

Artichoke and Aloe Vera Juice

A cup of aloe vera juice (the pulp from the middle, which is the most gelatin part)

A tender artichoke heart (pre-cooked)

Juice from half a lemon

Half a cup of hot water

Like always, put the ingredients in the blender so that you get a well blended mixture. You should get a warm juice, that will have a thick consistency but we assure that it is great for curing your pancreas. Drink it with your lunch, for example.

Papaya and Linseed Juice

A large slice of papaya

A tablespoon of powdered linseed

Half a glass of water

Three almonds

It is great for drinking in the morning and is very easy to make: you just have to blend everything well along with the half a glass of water. Drink it little by little every morning and you will not only get the proper nutrients to start the day, but rather a perfect way to keep your pancreas healthy. Enjoy.