5 Tricks to Beautify Your Face at Home

A youthful, glowing complexion; thick, long and abundant eyelashes; voluminous lips; big, bright eyes; and hydrated, radiant skin… In this article we will explain what homemade, simple and natural remedies will help you achieve this. You just need a little patience and perseverance. Try them and beautify your face in no time!

Youthful skin

To make your complexion have a rejuvenated, rosy and glowing appearance you can count on an excellent medicinal herb that has been used in many beauty remedies for several decades: rosemary.

This plant improves blood circulation and thereby tones and firms the skin and gives it vitality.

And how do we apply it?

We can buy the essential oil of rosemary from an herbalist or health food store (be careful that it is not an artificial aromatic essence but truly an oil extracted from the plant). Add 15 drops to 50 ml of water. Shake it before use and apply it to the face with a spray or with a dampened cotton ball.

Another option is to collect fresh rosemary and put it in apple cider vinegar for at least 15 days allowing it to soak completely. Afterward strain the mixture, add the same amount of water, and it’s ready to use.

Finally, the third alternative is to prepare a concentrated infusion with fresh or dried rosemary. You can use this infusion for up to one week, keeping it in the fridge.

Apply this rosemary water twice daily, once in the morning and again before going to bed, always apply it before applying any other cream and after allowing the skin to absorb it completely.

Thick and long eyelashes

Thick, long eyelashes totally change the look of our eyes. They appear more feminine and attractive, and also give prominence to our eyes even without eye makeup.

The beauty remedy that our grandmothers used to use to strengthen their eyelashes is based on castor oil, a thick and nourishing oil that we should apply to our lashes every night before bed.

The most practical way to do so is to use an old mascara brush or other small eyelash brush. Do not use too much in order to avoid getting into the eyes and irritating them.

Voluminous lips

Many women undergo lip surgery to give them more volume, and many are unaware that there are some beauty tricks to help give lips a bigger and luscious appearance.

In addition to always hydrating the lips, we will explain how you can massage them to give volume and color in just a few minutes.

How do we do it?

Apply a little vegetable oil to the lips.

Cover your entire mouth with one hand and move it horizontally to the outside, massaging not only the lips but also the surrounding area, which often has tension and is where wrinkles usually appear.

Then do the same with your other hand, massaging in the other direction.

Repeat this 10 times with each hand.

Large eyes

Facial tension and vision problems, among other things, can make our eyes look squinty and cause wrinkles to appear. To avoid this, in addition to having our vision checked to be sure we are using appropriate glasses or contact lenses, we can perform some eye exercises to relax all the muscles around them.

First rub your hands together to warm them and then place them over your closed eyes allowing to rest in the palm of your hands for a few minutes. You will notice how the eyes relax and even the surrounding skin, and this is where the first facial wrinkles usually show up.

In addition, we can also squeeze and then relax the eyes several times a day, to avoid accumulating more tension in this area.

Hydrated skin

Finally do not forget to always keep your skin hydrated. The best way is to use vegetable oils that are suitable for our skin:

Rosehip oil or olive oil for dry skin.

Jojoba oil for combination skin.

Coconut oil mixed with aloe vera for oily skin.

We can also make it a habit to take the peelings from fruits and vegetables and to wipe them over the skin of our face while we are cooking. Particularly we recommend using apples, cucumbers, zucchinis or avocados.