6 Everyday Habits that Make You Age Faster

The passage of time is inevitable, but how much it affects you personally also depends on your daily habits. Some people choose to use expensive creams and other anti-aging treatments to prevent early wrinkles, but what if we told you there are easier ways to deal with the process of aging?

In today’s article, we invite you to learn more about six everyday habits that make you to age faster. Are you ready to pay attention?

1. So…how’s your diet?

Sure, sometimes you literally have no time to cook. Maybe it’s work, your everyday responsibilities, or just the pace of the day making you have to eat anything you can get your hands on, and fast. Maybe that’s why more people today eat precooked, frozen, or prepared microwaveable dishes.

Another common practice, often stress-related, is to fill meals with flavorings, fats, salt, meats, or refined flours and sugars. These substances are filling, but they also cause inflammation, weight gain, and increased levels of bad cholesterol.

Everything we just described is all too common in today’s world, but it provides us with clear evidence of why a poor diet can lead to health problems and premature aging. Toxins in the body can alter your metabolism, retaining fluids means the body can’t properly detox itself, and both of these translate into dull and unhealthy skin. It all makes you age more quickly.

So what’s the solution? We want to raise awareness that healthy eating habits are synonymous with external beauty. The antioxidants in healthy foods help protect your body from free radicals and fight the passage of time. Drink natural juices made from oranges, lemons, pineapple, and strawberries. Every day try to prepare a rich and diverse salad, incorporating fresh vegetables, lean meats, fish, and nuts…and it’s imperative that you say goodbye to salt and refined sugar. You’ll see the difference in the mirror!

2. Be careful in the sun

Sure, we all love the sun, especially during the summertime. But it’s also important to recognize that while careful sun exposure during certain times of the day can help you obtain essential levels of vitamin D, it’s important to your health that you not overdo it.

Exposure to sunlight accelerates the aging process and it’s an enemy to health of your skin when you are outside on a regular basis without sun protection.

We strongly recommend that you add some kind of sunscreen to your daily skin regimen. There are excellent products on the market today that incorporate sunscreen into makeup and lotions, for example, to give you the kind of protection you need – the many options are worth considering.

3. Stress and negative emotions

Long-term and constant suffering will literally make you age faster. That might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s a very real process that you need to be aware of:

Prolonged stress, which becomes chronic when it’s every day, can cause your entire quality of life to deteriorate. Over time you find you’re unable to enjoy the simplest things, like the company of your loved ones or those little moments when happiness is true and at its most basic level.

If you fail to deal with your sadness and suffering properly, your health will suffer. Depression is always accompanied by physical problems, like migraines, digestive disorders, and musculoskeletal pain. This combination of physical and emotional suffering makes you age faster. It’s unavoidable.

Try to learn to control your stress levels. Set priorities and cultivate your positive emotions by leading a calm and peaceful life that’s filled with hopes, dreams, and exciting projects. If you maintain a quality of life where those things prevail, your inner balance will manifest in outer beauty.

4. Always stay hydrated

How much water do you drink throughout the day? Staying well-hydrated is vital for a healthy body and healthy skin, and for your general well-being. Thanks to water, your body is able to optimize its function, eliminating those toxins and other harmful substances that can cause inflammation and premature aging.

It’s important, therefore, to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a little lemon juice. It’s delicious!

5. Stuck in a rut? Mix up your routine!

We know it’s not easy. Everyone has daily obligations, but it’s important that you alter your routine from time to time to keep from getting in a rut. Monotony, not having new stimuli to trigger learning and growth, makes your body and brain activity lower.

A life without exciting stimuli to enrich you can make you feel low, unmotivated. The brain needs daily activation in order to stay young and healthy. So just spend an hour or two a day to yourself. Take a walk, sign up for an online course, read a book, enjoy the breeze… even organize a trip from time to time that will let you experience new sensations and places. The experience, learning, and enrichment you attain will keep you young and vibrant.

6. How’s your sleep at night?

Getting plenty of quiet, restful sleep helps you wake up in the morning feeling rested and looking radiant. Follow these guidelines to get adequate sleep:

Make sure you eat a light dinner at least two hours before going to bed.

Turn off your computer and cellphone two hours before bedtime.

Take a short walk for half an hour.

Take a hot shower.

Drink a tea make with lemon balm or rosewater.

Read a book that puts your mind to rest and let sleep come on naturally.

Start practicing these simple tips today, and enjoy a higher quality of life. They’ll ensure that the passage of time will be more kind.