7 Signs of a Poisoned Liver

The liver is one of the largest and most essential organs in your body. Its functions range from protein production, glucose metabolization, iron, and cholesterol to detoxification of all toxins and foreign substances in your body. Do you want to know the main signs of a poisoned liver? We will show you.

Symptoms of a Poisoned Liver

With the exception of the brain, the liver is the second most complex organ in the body which is why you need to keep it in good shape and healthy. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits define can greatly improve its overall state. An active, healthy life, where there is no tobacco, sedentary habits, alcohol, or the consumption of excessive medications will greatly help you get rid of the poisons that tend to make it sick.

1. Stomach Cramps and Bloating

Has this happened to you before? You feel especially bloated: hands, ankles, feet, abdomen… First of all, we want to say that you should not be alarmed if you feel these symptoms happening to you, as there is nothing to worry about if they happen once in awhile. The problem happens when it is recurring: when you have gas every day, when your digestion becomes slower, and you feel abdominal pain. These are effects of a liver that is not working well—that does not drain or detoxify properly and thus accumulates toxins in your body. You run the risk of having ascites, so if you notice that these symptoms are recurring you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

2. Change in Urine and Feces Color

Is your urine whiter than normal? Are your feces also somewhat pale and sometimes even have traces of blood? To get rid of any doubt, it’s best to see your doctor. It is true that these kinds of symptoms can be due to other diseases, but it is normal for them to be associated with the liver or kidneys. In regards to urine, it can also look darker as well as lighter due to an accumulation of billrubin.

3. Jaundice

This is perhaps the most evident symptom and the one that should put you on alert. A yellowish color on the skin, eyes, and nails is basically due to the accumulation of this bile pigment called billrubin in your body. This element is basic for digestion, but when your liver is not working well, it is not capable of getting rid of or filtering those elements that are not useful after digestion is finished. They stay in your body and give you that yellowish tone that is so common with liver diseases.

4. Skin Sensitivity

A continuous itchy feeling, as if something is tickling you from inside. This is an annoying and concerning feeling, but what is it caused by? This is basically from an accumulation of toxins in your body, the ones your liver doesn’t filter, and they cause a reaction on your skin. If it becomes something very recurring and if you have any diets, your doctor should always be the one to diagnose you, because something as common as itchiness can also be due to other symptoms.

5. Gastric Reflux

Feeling full, gas that squeezes you and doesn’t let you breath, and what’s worst, the reflux that comes from the esophagus in those acids that cause you so much pain and discomfort, are all signs that are often associated with a poisoned liver. And since we already know that this organ is associated with the digestive process and if there is some problem, it is normal for this to turn into these common signs. To rule it out and know if it is associated or not with a liver problem, it’s best to see your doctor.

6. Diarrhea

It is very common. What you eat makes you not feel good. The gastric acid we mentioned above happens, you feel pressure, malaise, and diarrhea episodes are also frequent because of poor functioning in the digestive and depurative system. You must keep it in mind. Obviously when you have very frequent episodes of diarrhea, you run the risk of suffering from dehydration, so watch how many times it happens. Once a week, two? Like the other symptoms mentioned here, it is possible that it is associated with other diseases, but you should rule it out.

7. General Fatigue

It is very common. And it is not only fatigue, but malaise, weakness, and a continuous feeling of lethargy. Your liver is working more than normal. Being sick or poisoned makes it work more and the energy from this essential organ will take energy from you. You should keep it in mind. You should also see if besides the continuous fatigue, if you also have any other symptom mentioned here: fluid retention, poor digestion, stomach pain, itchiness..

Remember that if you have any doubts or symptoms, it’s best to see your doctor so that they can give you a check up. Your health comes first.