7 Tricks to Eliminate Bad Odor from Your Shoes

How do you get rid of that bad smell in your shoes? Sometimes the inner layer of shoes retain sweat and germs with greater intensity and it’s difficult to remove it. But don’t worry, there are some simple tricks that will help you to get rid of the sweat and smell in your shoes. Discover them below!

1. Baking soda trick

Foolproof. In our blog posts, we have mentioned more than once the great benefits of baking soda for household cleaning. A natural chemical element, baking soda has the ability to absorb both spots, as well as odors and moisture, and is therefore the best trick to eliminate the bad smell from your shoes.

And how do you use it? It’s very easy; you just have to drop a tablespoon of baking soda into each shoe, in the insoles. Sprinkle well and let it work overnight. You’ll see how the next morning they seem like new shoes.

2. Talcum powder trick

The talc acts in the same way as baking soda. It has the power to absorb moisture and thereby stop the bad odor. In this case you have two options. You can put some talcum or baby powder in each shoe and leave it overnight, and then remove it in the morning.

The second option is also very easy and useful. You can apply talcum powder to the bottom of your feet before putting on your shoes, thereby reducing sweating. This is very useful and effective.

3. Trick to eliminate bacteria

This advice is as interesting as it is effective. It would be good to always have a bit of sage and lavender at home. These two plants eliminate odors very well. What you do is place a few sage leaves and some sprigs of lavender in each shoe. Then place the shoes on the balcony so the fresh air can also help remove bacteria. In the morning you will have your shoes fresh and ready.

4. Orange, lemon and grapefruit trick

This is another very simple remedy. Never throw out your lemon or orange peels, nor the grapefruit peels. These are very useful to eliminate the bad smell from shoes. In this case, as always, it is recommended to place the peels in your shoes and leave them overnight. This is a sure thing.

5. Tea Tree oil trick

Among the essential oils with disinfectant properties, tea tree oil is undoubtedly the most effective. You can find it in natural food stores and in drugstores. It is not expensive, and it can be used both to eliminate the bad smells from shoes and to make a useful hand gel; one which easily disinfects our hands. All you do is place a few drops on the insoles of your shoes twice a week, thereby removing the smells and eliminating bacteria. It’s very easy!

6. Find the root cause of the odor

We all know that the bad smell of our shoes is due to our feet sweating. But sometimes, surely you have noticed that there are some shoes that smell worse than others. Perhaps it is because the insoles absorb more sweat and retain it, thereby contributing to the emergence of bacteria.

If you notice that the bad odor from your shoes does not go away easily, you should regularly change the insoles. If you cannot change the insoles, apply some of these tricks to protect the insoles from bad odor and bacteria. Keep in mind that bad odor can bring long-term foot problems, hence it is necessary to maintain good hygiene.

7. How to maintain good hygiene in shoes

Try not to wear closed-toe shoes every day. It’s bad for the health of your feet and contributes to bad odor.

When you arrive home, change your shoes and let your shoes air out.

It doesn’t matter whether your shoe is of good quality or medium quality, all shoes absorb odors. Therefore, we must continually keep them clean. Brush off the outside of your shoes every day, and for the inside you can use a damp cloth with a little detergent that you use to clean your clothes. Scrub them well to remove any stains and moisture.

If in your case you normally suffer from excessive sweating of your feet, it would be wise to follow the advice that is noted above: apply talcum or baby powder. It is a simple remedy that greatly helps to keep them smelling fresh throughout the day.