9 Surprising Uses for Lemons

In addition to having a multitude of uses around the home, lemon juice can help settle an upset stomach and eliminate nausea. It also contains minerals that can reduce soreness after exercise

Lemons are among the most beneficial fruits you can find. You can add lemon juice to salad dressings, use it to flavor fish, or prepare a delicious beverage that packs countless benefits.

But its utility doesn’t stop there. In fact, we’ve found that lemons even have multiple uses around the house. Juice your lemons and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that will help you lead a healthier life!

1. Eliminates nausea

Whether you’re suffering from morning sickness due to pregnancy or a car ride or plane flight is the culprit, nausea is always unpleasant. But just two drops of ice cold lemon oil on a sugar cube can help.

Once you’ve prepared the sugar cube with the lemon oil, let it dissolve completely in your mouth. Within seconds your nausea will disappear without any extra effort.

2. Leaves your silver gleaming

It’s common to find a collection of silverware in many homes, particularly when inherited from other family members. It’s important to keep silver utensils in good condition for when you want to use them, just like your jewelry.

This time what you need to do is put 10 lemons in a plastic container. Add your silverware or other tarnished silver and let it sit.

Later, rinse with warm water and dry the silver with a leather chamois cloth. This is a much safer procedure than using most commercial silver cleaning chemical products.

3. Kill bacteria on your bath sponge

Have you ever thought about what’s on your bath sponge after a few weeks of use? Believe it or not, moisture from the bathroom combines with bacteria from your body and causes it to multiply.

This makes these sponges a source of bad odor and can even cause some infections. Fortunately you don’t need to clean your sponge every week. Sanitizing it once a month is sufficient.

To do this, mix the juice from 15 lemons with some hot water. Soak your sponge for 24 hours and afterwards it will be like new again.

4. Repel ants

Have ants taken your kitchen by storm? You definitely don’t want them crawling around your fruit bowl or your kids. And more than likely, the idea of using chemical repellents doesn’t appeal to you at all.

In this case, try using lemon peels in the areas where you see ants most often. Be sure to put out small pieces of the peel in places where they enter your home.

Odds are, there are some ant nests already built inside. In this case, you can spray the area with lemon juice directly. This will eliminate the ants’ pheromone trail and prevent others from entering.

5. Clean your microwave

Most people choose to heat up soup and leftover foods in the microwave. The problem with doing this on a regular basis is that it quickly absorbs odor and is covered with food debris. An easy and natural remedy is lemon juice.

Apply some lemon juice to the sponge or towel you use to clean your microwave, along with any soap. Another alternative is to place a cup of water with some lemon juice in the microwave.

Turn it on for a minute or two until the water inside evaporates. Then simply wipe the inside with a soft sponge.

6. A natural bronzer

Have you ever wanted to get a tan, but you’re not able to go to the beach or pool? It doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. All you need is to make a tea.


• 1/2 liter of water
• 3 green tea bags
• The juice from half a lemon


• Heat the water to a boil and add the tea bags.
• Let it steep for 10 minutes before adding the lemon juice.
• Allow it to cool and apply the liquid to your skin, leaving it on overnight. The next day you’ll have a more bronzed skin tone without ever having to leave the house.

While this is a natural treatment it’s best not to use it too often. Because lemon is an irritant you might experience skin problems after prolonged usage.

7. Disinfect the bathroom

Plaque often builds up in the bathroom and as time passes, it’s harder and harder to remove. When you see this problem beginning to develop, use some lemon essential oil.

A spray of lemon essential oil mixed with a teaspoon of tartar powder and two tablespoons of vodka will eliminate your problem. Combine all ingredients and spray them on any problem areas. Leave it on to act for 10 minutes and up to half an hour.

Then rinse as usual and voila: you’ll have a clean bathroom with minimal effort.

8. Remove red wine stains

One of the greatest fears for any red wine drinker is the terrible stain left by red wine on clothing. It’s very difficult to remove using traditional soaps. As an alternative, lemon juice is a fast and effective way to take care of your problem.

Before washing your garment, sprinkle a little lemon juice on the stain. Then apply a little soap on top of the lemon juice. Let it stand for 10 minutes before rinsing with very hot water.

Finally, wash your garment as usual and you’ll be amazed that the stain has disappeared.

9. Eliminate muscle pain

Are you about to start a new exercise routine after a few months off? Trying out a new sport? No doubt you’re dreading the appearance of that annoying muscle pain. To avoid it, just drink a glass of mineral water with the juice from one lemon.

After a couple of uncomfortable hours you’ll find that your pain is gone and you can move with ease.

Follow the tips in this article and suddenly you’ll find that you’re using lemons for much more than an ingredient in your recipes!