A Gel that Stops Bleeding in Only 10 Seconds

Joe Landolina, a young 17-year-old entrepreneur had recently started school at New York University when he made a discovery that could possibly save thousands of lives all over the world. Landolina, who stated that he was very interested in tissue engineering (also known as regenerative medicine), created a gel that is capable of instantly stopping internal and external hemorrhages in less than 10 seconds, without having to apply pressure.

The product, called VetiGel, started as a project when Joe had barely started his first semester at university. This idea was the winner of a contest held by New York University and thanks to that, Landolina and Isaac Miller (his partner) received enough money to fund their business, Suneris, Inc.

Today, Joe Landolina is ready to take the reins of his own business, equipped with a Masters in biomedical engineering and a company that employs 10 people. All of this is set to get this project off the ground, because it could be a key device for saving lives in emergency services and ER rooms throughout the world.

The gel has already been tested in veterinary clinics and currently there are around 1,600 more veterinarians that hope to be able to use the product samples to do a critical analysis.

What is Vetigel Made of?

The gel invented by Joe Landolina is made up of something that has vegetable-like origins called extracellular matrix (ECM). It is a net of proteins and sugars that are found around cells, which could vary from one organ to another. The gel is split into small pieces, as if they were lego pieces and when it is put on a wound, it can rebuild the existing ECM’s pattern. It can also be beneficial if it is applied to skin and different parts of the body.

Vetigel “will make an exact copy of what it is next to”. In other words, it will immediately adapt itself to the properties of the part of the body it is used on. Additionally, according to Landolina, “According to how it is applied, the body will start the healing process.”

Vetigel samples will be first tested by veterinary clinics, who will show their effectiveness in stopping bleeding in a matter of seconds. Once this is tested, the product will go onto the United States military, who will give the final approval before its launch into the market for human surgical use.

Landolina states that he is optimistic and believes that Vetigel could be approved in the market by the end of next year, at the most. This product will turn into a lifesaver in ER rooms and surgeries all over the world.

Vetigel could stop hemorrhages during vascular surgery of grade 4 hepatic trauma. With this powerful gel, surgeons could contain these types of hemorrhages in less than a minute, which is key to having a successful surgery.

Because it has an important benefit like the ability to stop bleeding in a matter of seconds, Vetigel technology also has other important applications in the treatment of burns, wound healing, and other therapy. Studies on the benefits are on-going and Suneris continues performing different studies related to the benefits of Vetigel for health.

Although the product has not yet been approved for sale, the results it has had up to now seem very promising, especially because of its ability to stop hemorrhages. Vetigel will be a product used in many medicine campaigns and they also hope that will be very useful for veterinarians. Its creators did not say what its price would be and the conditions of sale but, in any case, it is a very important finding for medicine and it could possibly be key in saving many lives in the future.

Using Cayenne Pepper to Stop Bleeding

In addition to the gel that stops bleeding we mentioned above, there are natural alternatives that allow you to handle bleeding at home. One of them, and perhaps the most effective one, is red pepper or cayenne pepper. This spice has huge health benefits and native Americans have used it as medicine since the old days.

The use of cayenne pepper is very simple, because you only have to sprinkle a little bit of powder directly on the cut or bleeding wound. After that, just wait 15 to 20 seconds for the bleeding to stop. It is important to keep in mind that the pepper itself should only be used on small cuts or scratches.