Abdominal Routine to Help Reduce Belly Fat

Choose an exercise routine that targets your abs, and follow a healthy diet to get fast and durable results.

In general, when summer comes around, we want to show off a beautiful figure and a flat tummy. How can we achieve that? With an excellent exercise routine. To reduce belly fat and tone our abs, doing crunches and ab workouts are one of the most recommended forms of exercise, although there are other alternatives, too. Find out more in this article.

You must know that doing crunches doesn’t just help you burn fat, they also help strengthen and tone your tummy muscles. To be able to lose pounds and inches, it is necessary to also follow a healthy diet. This way you will gain durable, and above all, fast results. Work the muscle groups of your abdomen and tone that six pack that looks great on both men and women.

It is important that you rotate and vary the exercises, so that your body doesn’t get used to the same routine always. There’s hundreds of options to move the body and lose all the fat from the belly muscles: high, medium, low, lumbar, and oblique.

Routine to reduce belly fat #1

This routine helps work out all the regions and is made up of the following exercises:

• Sitting with your back straight, push your chest out. Support your body with your hands behind and lift your legs, bending the knees all the way to your abdomen or chest. Bend and stretch the legs in an alternate way, so that your right elbow touches the left knee and vice versa.
• Lay face up and place your hands under your buttocks. Lift and lower your legs, always straight. When you bring them down, squeeze your tummy.
• In the same position as the last exercise, extend your legs upward and let them fall to the sides without touching the ground. Do three series of fifteen reps each.
• Lay face down and place your hands on the sides of your head, lift your back a bit. Your legs should be as still as possible so the strength happens in the lumbar area.
• And for a finer waist, get on your feet and take a broom stick or a pole, behind your head, holding both ends. Squeeze the tummy and lean towards the left of your torso, go back to the initial position and do 4 series of 20 reps before moving on to the right side.

Routine to reduce the tummy #2

Here’s another much more interesting routine that allows you to have perfects abs and a flat tummy:

• Do “traditional” crunches, meaning, lay down facing up, bend the knees half way, plant the soles of your feet on the ground. Lift and lower the upper part of your body, with your hands behind your neck or crossed over your chest. Do 4 series of 50 repetitions.
• Use a horizontal fixed pole to work on the lower part of the abs. Hold on to the pole and let your body “hang” in a vertical position. Lift the legs and bend the knees so they touch your chest; this requires much more effort than other exercises but it’s very effective. With 4 series of 10 reps, it is enough per session.
• This exercise is known as “Position table.” You have to hold your body with only your forearms and the tips of your feet on the floor, and stay as firm as possible. Squeeze the tummy as much as you can and hold at least for a minute.
• Lastly, lay face down to work out the lumbar area. Try to lift your back as much as you can. You can use a bench so the torso is suspended in the air and the exercise is more effective. Do 15 repetitions in 3 series.

Routine to reduce the tummy #3

• The first of these exercises to tone the abs is the curl. Lay on a bench with your legs “hanging” from the knees down. Both arms behind your ears. Squeeze the ab muscles and lift the torso. Be careful not to strain your back, lift with your abs. Do 4 series of 30 reps.
• The second is called the “declined curl.” You need to tilt the bench so your head is “touching the ground.” Cross your arms on your chest. Lift the torso 45 degrees. Start a lifting movement forward until you get to the initial position. Your back always straight.
• The fourth exercise of this routine for a slimmer tummy is called “Knee flex on bench.” Sit on the edge of the bench slightly tilted back. Hold yourself on your forearms. Extend your legs forward and then bend the knees toward your abs. Stretch to the last position and do 3 series of 15 reps.
• The fifth exercise is called “Leg lift.” Lay down and place both hands on the edge of the bench and lift your legs, always straight. When you lower your legs make sure you don’t touch the bench. This is for your lower abs.
• The last is called “Side bends with weights” and they work out your obliques. Standing up, take a weight in each hand and leave your arms at your sides. Make a sideways movement until the weight touches your knee. Go back to the initial position and repeat for the other side.