Are You Sad? Use these 8 Tips

Sadness. It encircles you and strangles you with its cold blanket when you least want it. It’s that negative emotion that is so difficult to manage and overcome. When you feel sad, it’s as if someone had turned off your life’s switch and you have no remedy except to go into the darkness. Nobody understands you and everything goes wrong.

What can you do? First, you should not let it win. Sadness is that known enemy that you have to look in the face with defiance and tell it, calmly, that it is not going to win. If you don’t think you can do it at certain times, don’t worry. Today we want to show you 8 ways that you can overcome sadness.

Don’t let it defeat you and put these into practice!

1. Take a Walk

The last thing you should do is stay home and seek the refuge of solitude in your room. You should never do this. Instead, don’t hesitate to take out your old tennis shoes, some comfortable athletic pants, house keys… and walk!

Walk at a fast pace, with the strength you have within and, step by step, undo the web of problems and this bad feeling you have inside. Sweating is good and getting your heart beating and moving your body is excellent. You will get your heart to start releasing endorphins, the happiness hormones, and at this time, you will start to lower the importance of the things on your mind. Put it in use.

2. Sit in the Sun and Close Your Eyes

A moment of serenity and calmness, when you let your skin take in the sun for no longer than 15 minutes. A good dose of vitamin D will make you feel a very pleasant sense of tranquility. On the days you feel sad, you should not seek the shadows of a corner or the cover of your bed.

Normally, people who go through a depression tend to avoid sunlight. You should not do this, instead enjoy a moment of warmth.

3. Set Aside Your Obligations for Two Hours

We all know that sometimes it is not easy. You have things to do, responsibilities, jobs, obligations… However, when you are sad, a wall appears that makes it almost impossible to do anything right. You have no motivation or energy.

The solution? Stop for a moment and give yourself two hours, enjoy your personal space and time, without any pressure or anxiety. Be yourself.

4. Write

Do you use a diary? If not, it may be the time to start one. It is therapeutic and helps you organize your ideas, express yourself, talk to yourself, and take advantage of the intimateness of writing.

You don’t need to be Gabriel García Márquez or Daphne Du Maurier to have a diary: express yourself with your resources, words, argue with yourself, insult whoever you want… Essentially, use words as an emotional relief.

5. Cry if You Need to

Crying is a natural and necessary act to release tension and emotions.

Sometimes you need to cry and it is a good thing to do so. Sadness needs an escape mechanism to relieve tension and sometimes, walking or talking to your best friend is not enough. Tears should be released to vent, relieve yourself, and reduce tension. It is healthy and very necessary.

6. Look in the Mirror and Ask Yourself What’s Wrong

Let’s do a recognition exercise. Is the person in the mirror you? No, this is not the same attractive and positive woman. Sadness is stealing your vitality and we are sure that you won’t like seeing yourself like this.

Ask yourself what you can do to feel better, to give your heart hope, and cure your sorrows. Ask that woman in the mirror what she should do today in order to draw a new smile on her face.

7. Find Someone that Knows How to Listen to You

Not everyone knows how to do it. You surely have a friend or relative that, instead of supporting you, always prefers to talk about themselves without just asking you how you feel today. Seek the support of those people that do know how to look you in the eye and listen to your words with concern and sincerity.

You will realize how to share your feelings, a part of you will feel more relieved and this negative sensation will start to go away. Never stop seeking support.

8. Treat Yourself

Why not? Sad days need small pleasures in order to get rid of your sorrows. If you focus all of your attention on these worries, the problem will get bigger and bigger. It’s best to relax. Why not go to the movies? Why not sign up for yoga classes? How about taking a walk in the park or to the art museum?

Sometimes, simples things like coming home and putting on your favorite song create big miracles. It won’t solve your problems, but it will help you be calmer and feel better when you see things from another perspective.