Benefits of a Tablespoon of Cinnamon and Honey Everyday

Cinnamon and honey are two nutritious foods that boast numerous health properties and delicious flavor. If you combine them, you will increase their benefits and make it easier to consume them everyday.

To name just some of its healthful properties, this mixture can help you lose weight, raise defenses, improve digestion, care for joints, treat insomnia and stress, and increase libido.


The mixture of cinnamon and honey, when consumed daily like we will explain below, will give you the following health benefits:

Lose weight: it helps you activate your metabolism and reduce your craving to consume sugar. Cinnamon is also a regulator of glucose levels in the blood and helps you eliminate excess liquids and fats in your body as well. Consume it mixed in hot water between meals.

Raise defenses: this combination is highly caloric and also functions as a natural antibiotic. In other words, it helps you helps you get rid of coldness in your body and prevent diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

It combats and relieves throat infections: its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties allow for the treatment of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, aphonia, dysphonia, etc. Mix a tablespoon with warm water and sip and gargle it.

Improves joint health: thanks to its calorific and antioxidant properties, this mixture is great for diseases like arthrosis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease: because it improves circulation, reduces cholesterol, strengthens your heart, and regulates its rhythm.

Increases libido: cinnamon is considered to be one of the best natural aphrodisiacs in men as well as women. Take a tablespoon in the morning and one before bed.

Improves digestion and fights acidity: in this case, take a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of the mixture preferably before lunch. However, you can also take it after an infusion.

Gives energy and prevents stress: its calorific and toning properties help you revitalize your body. Take a tablespoon on an empty stomach, preferably.

Rejuvenates the body: internally as well as externally. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps reduce tissue damage caused by the passing of time, which is why it is a good beauty remedy. It also helps prevent chronic diseases.

Fights insomnia: take a tablespoon with a glass of hot water before going to bed.

What You Need

You just need cinnamon and honey. They should both be high quality.

The honey should be organic because this will guarantee that it has been processed naturally with no added substances. It should also be raw honey, or the kind that has not been cooked at high temperatures in order for it to always look liquid. In other words, it should harden in cold temperatures. When it’s cold, you can heat it in a bain-marie to melt it without it losing its properties.

On the other hand, cinnamon should also be organic. You can find out its quality from its aroma.

How to Make it

Mix the liquid honey and cinnamon until it is very thick. Conserve it in a hermetically sealable glass container. You can keep it out of the fridge if it is in a cool place and it is not very hot out. This preparation stays good for a long time without any conservatives thanks to the properties of cinnamon and honey.

How to Consume it

You should take a tablespoon of this preparation daily as a standard dosage. For small children, the standard dosage should be a teaspoon.

You can mix it with a little bit of hot water and it will have the flavor of a sweetened infusion. You can also mix it with cold water. In this way, it will be a refreshing and healthy beverage. You can also combine it with juice, milk, or yogurt, but never cooked.

We recommend that you always ask your doctor or naturopath before doing any kind of treatment because natural products also have contraindications with medications. The excessive consumption can cause unwanted side effects.