Benefits of Drinking Warm Water Regularly

Drinking enough water is vital for our health and can provide numerous positive benefits for wellbeing. However, it is important to know what temperature to drink it at.

It’s not advisable to consume very cold water, because it can generate several drawbacks in your health that can make you sick, especially when playing sports or exercising. Thus, it is necessary to drink warm water or water that’s not too cold (room temperature is ideal) because your body is at a very high temperature and digesting cold water can make you have a spasm, especially in the stomach and small intestine.

You may not know it, but warm water has more benefits than you might imagine. For example, if you get used to drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning, wait for some time to pass and drink another glass of water with a little lemon juice and a spoonful of honey, and you’ll see how your body begins to experience a feeling of cleansing and detoxification, which will make you feel fresher and much lighter. Also, warm water helps to reduce food cravings, making you consume smaller amounts of food, and only enough to satisfy you.

But hey! These are not all the benefits that you can get from warm water. We’re going to mention a few of the most interesting benefits below.

Eliminates toxins

Warm water is extremely useful when performing a fast, since it eliminates the waste material than cold water alone can’t dissolve. Also, it helps remove waste through the kidneys, pores and other organs that play an elimination role in your body.

Likewise, keep in mind that constant consumption of warm water will help achieve a cleansing in every one of your tissues. It’s not enough to drink it once a day, but it should be consumed regularly.

Relieves ailments

As if this weren’t enough, it will also heal and even alleviate some diseases such as rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, among many others.

It is also important to know that warm water is very beneficial for a person that has a fever, because if the person drinks it quickly, it will immediately help reduce body temperature, because it helps to dilate the channels of the body, so that blood can circulate easier, eliminating in its path all the accumulated waste in the pathways.

Reduces weight

This surely will interest you a lot! Did you know that people who are overweight can find great aid in warm water? What you should do is to include warm water constantly as part of your diet, this will help you lose the weight you need (combining it with exercise and weight loss supplements) and without resorting to diets that can put your health at risk.

Balances PH

The regular consumption of warm water also helps balance the PH, as it helps to reduce the acidity in your body, which will make you feel and look much more beautiful, healthy and natural.


80 percent of your body is composed of water, and not consuming enough fluid can cause an imbalance in your body; and it is best if the liquid you consume is water, a natural fluid that will contribute many benefits for your health as time passes. However, remember not to overdo the 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day.

Finally, we hope that you implement each and every one of the things we’ve mentioned here and learn to make the most of all the healing and detoxifying properties of this resource, without which we would not survive.