Breakfasts to Get Rid of that Morning Headache

That morning headache… There is nothing worse than waking up with a headache. It is something especially common in the mornings – you can feel nauseous, dry mouth… why does this happen? What can you do about it? We are about to tell you.

Why does my head hurt in the morning?

You skipped dinner. Have you ever done this? It is not a good idea since you will run low on the nutrients you need for energy and feel weak as a result.

Morning headaches can possible be due to apnea. Many people have this problem and don’t realize that disruptive snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. This can cause that annoying morning headache.

You overdid it the night before. Whether you ate too much at a party, drank too much alcohol, or didn’t get enough sleep, these things can cause headaches the next day.

You grind your teeth. You already know what tooth grinding is, and you also know it is a common problem while sleeping. You can develop this problem at any age and it can result in unbearable headaches, especially on either side of the face. It can also lead to tension in the neck which can lead to headaches as well.

You slept wrong. You need to mind how and in what position you sleep. Poor posture can sometimes lead to poor circulation.

You took a certain medication. Some medications, such as anti-anxiety medication, can cause headaches if taken on a regular basis.

You have restless leg syndrome. This condition is a fairly common reason for headaches since it can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

You have insomnia. Many of the medications that help you sleep at night lead t headaches in the morning. It’s a better idea to choose natural remedies when you can.

You suffer from anxiety or depression. If you suffer from either of these, they could be the reason for your morning headaches.

You have high blood pressure. You need to make sure that your blood pressure is controlled since it is a common cause of headaches.

3 breakfasts to help treat morning headaches

Option 1

A warm glass of water with lemon

30 minutes later drink a cup of coffee or ginger herbal tea with mint

Oatmeal cake with olive oil

A small bowl of pineapple and cucumber (or you can always make yourself a juice out of these ingredients if you prefer)

As you can already guess, start off with that warm glass of water with lemon. This gets rid of those toxins and cleans out the body. Then you can take the time to get ready, take a shower, and other things you need to do until a half hour to an hour has passed. Coffee is worth mentioning since it can sometimes help get rid of headaches.

This breakfast doesn’t work for everyone, and sometimes can have the opposite effect. You are going to have to decide for yourself what effect coffee has on your body, although many appreciate the morning burst of energy that also has a good effect on your liver. If you don’t want to drink tea, rely on ginger as that constant fallback since it is a wonderful and natural anti-inflammatory which also serves as a perfect pain reliever.

You should follow this up with an oatmeal cake with olive oil to get those essential fatty acids. Finally, combine pineapple and cucumber to hydrate yourself, and get all of those vitamins and minerals it has to offer. You should also include a lot of liquids in your breakfast since staying hydrated is key to reducing headaches.

Option 2

A strawberry fruit juice

40 minutes later drink coffee or a chamomile tea

Spinach salad with pineapple

Cucumber juice with half an apple

This is one example of a healthy breakfast which will give you the necessary energy to ease that morning headache. You should once again start with a cleansing beverage. Blend 5 strawberries with a glass of water. Don’t add any sugar. Wait 40 minutes to an hour and drink a cup of coffee. As always, if this doesn’t agree with you, then substitute it with a cup of chamomile tea.

You can then cut up some pineapple slices and a handful of fresh spinach to get a burst of pure energy. Afterwards, you should drink a juice made up of a small cucumber and half an apple to get the hydration you need. Drink this smoothie and you’ll see how good it makes you feel.

Option 3

A glass of almond water

A sandwich made up of oatmeal bread with a fried egg with a few drops of olive oil. If you want, you can always use a tortilla with little bits of ham and celery.

A bowl of watermelon, nuts, and grapes.

This is another healthy breakfast which starts off with a glass of almond water. Almonds are an excellent analgesic that helps with headaches. They are also rich in magnesium. Eggs are also great since they have Co-enzyme Q10 which also helps a lot. Grapes and watermelon are also delicious, healthy, and perfect to hydrate you. You’ll love this option!