Causes and Natural Remedies for Gray Hair

If you’re starting to find some gray or silver hairs on your head, don’t let it get you down! It doesn’t mean you’re old. But until fairly recently, it was thought that having gray hair was synonymous with old age.

Now, however, we know that other factors influence the changing of hair color. Find out more about this pesky issue in today’s article, where we’ll explain the causes and some natural remedies for gray hair.

Why do gray hairs appear?

Don’t worry yourself about what you see reflected in the mirror – don’t start telling people you’re old now or over the hill, that people should start calling you “grandma,” or that you’re past your “prime.” You can choose to be a “gray fox” like some Hollywood celebrities who don’t wish to dye their hair, or you can choose a homemade remedy to get rid of the gray.

But why do gray hairs appear? They turn up when there’s an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. It’s not enough to know the name of the cause of the grays, however, You need to understand that it’s the expiration of the hair follicles, or the source of your new hair. When peroxide accumulates, it blocks the synthesis of melanin, the element responsible for giving your beautiful hair its color.

If you’re a woman who bleaches her hair (and men do this, also), you probably already know that peroxide is one of the key ingredients. But your body also produces peroxide…although in very small quantities.

As we age, the body increases that production because it no longer has the needed concentration of the enzyme that breaks down and transforms peroxide into its separate components of hydrogen and water.

In addition to this, your hair can’t repair the damage that this increase in peroxide causes because your production of the enzyme tyrosinase, which produces melanin, also slows. While age is a major cause of this process, it’s not the only factor. Genetics can also have a lot to do with it, as well.

There are still more reasons for peroxide accumulation and enzyme failure, such as:



Genetic defects



Exposure to certain substances

And what about the relationship between stress and the appearance of gray hairs? No doubt when you were a child you remember hearing your parents say that your antics were going to “give them gray hairs” (or maybe you’ve said that to your own children). It’s always been believed that pressure, too many obligations, and of course stress can cause gray hairs.

Have you every wondered why some presidents (take Barack Obama, for example) start their term with their normal hair color and by the time they leave it’s all turned gray? Although this theory hasn’t been scientifically proven, it’s worth thinking about.

Stress can cause many problems in the body, both inside and out. It produces neurotransmitters that can damage the DNA. This can change your hair color. But don’t just blame stress, because there are other factors that cause gray hair:

Genetic factors

Pay attention to when your parents began to develop gray hair. It shouldn’t surprise you if it happened when they were about your age. The timing when hair begins to turn gray is determined by genetics. If your ancestors had prematurely gray hair, it’s more than likely that you will too.

An unbalanced diet

Your diet is related to all the processes of the body. It’s important that you get sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 to avoid having completely gray hair before you’re 50 years old.

Foods that contain vitamin B 12 are: eggs, salmon, sardines, and tuna. And eating too many fried foods or consuming high levels of coffee and spices can actually advance the graying process.

Unhealthy habits and emotional problems

White hairs result from certain bad habits like smoking, drinking in excess, and not getting enough exercise. Depression and extreme stress can also cause your hair to turn white earlier. In some instances, your hair might return to its “normal” color after the stressful situation is over.

Two natural remedies for gray hair

If you have gray hairs you can try the following two home remedies:


Massage your scalp with a little onion juice to slow the progression of gray hair, according to a study conducted at the University of Bradford. One of the enzymes contained in onion juice can break down hydrogen peroxide and prevent its accumulation in your hair follicles. Chop your onion as finely as possible and make a paste out of it, or you can rub half an onion on your scalp.


Avocados have medicinal properties thanks to their content of fatty acids. They also contain minerals and vitamin E. Vitamin E is a great moisturizer and an antioxidant, which helps prevent graying.

These findings are based on research from the University of Los Angeles, California. Slice an avocado in half and scrape the flesh into a bowl. Mash it and apply it directly to the scalp, leaving it on for 20 minute before washing your hair as normal.