Control Your Appetite Naturally!

Do you have days in which you just feel hungry no matter what you eat? If this sounds like you, and especially if you are overweight, this excess of appetite can cause anxiety. After the jump, we’ll show you some ways that you can control your appetite naturally.

There are some days, weeks, or times of year when suddenly, without any apparent reason, we feel much hungrier, and it takes more for us to feel full. If you also happen to be overweight, this hunger can become a source of anxiety.

There are natural ways that you can control your appetite, but it’s also important to find out the cause of this increase, because if your body is craving certain foods, it might be because it needs nutrients that are found in those foods and that you aren’t getting enough of.

First of all, you should figure out if what you’re feeling is actually hunger, or if it’s just a desire to eat, since the latter can frequently be caused by emotional problems. In these cases, we recommend that you take Bach flowers, which can help you improve your emotional state, so that you don’t feel the need to fix your problems with food.

Agrimony: Agrimony can help you if you have problems that you keep inside and bottle up instead of letting out.

Wild oat: Wild oat is great to treat dissatisfaction.

Heather: Heather is used to treat feelings of loneliness.

Cherry plum: Cherry plum is helpful when you’re eating uncontrollably.

Oligotherapy can also be very useful, since oligochemicals are the chemical substances that can be found in small quantities in our bodies in order to maintain your metabolism. In order to control your appetite, we recommend a ZnNiCo (Zinc Nickel Cobalt) supplement.

When you’re having trouble feeling full, you can make a mixture of flaxseed, wheat bran, and the plant Psyllium. Take one or two tablespoonfuls mixed in a glass of water about 10 to 15 minutes before you start eating. Additionally, this mixture can help you if you suffer from constipation.

In other cases, when you’re craving sweets or candies, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the way your body metabolizes glucose. In these cases, we recommend that you eat whole foods, eat various types of foods every day, drink a lot of water, and regularly take infusions of cinnamon and stevia. You can also try to take the oligoelement chrome.

On the other hand, when your body is craving salty foods, this could be a sign that your body is overly tired or has an imbalance of salts. In these cases, we recommend that you exercise regularly, drink a lot of water, and take Natrium Chloratum (also known as Schüssler salt).

Homeopathy can also be used to control your appetite, especially since it does not have any negative interactions or side effects:

Anacardium orientale: In order to curb a strong appetite.
Thuja: For a lack of control regarding food. It can also help with cellulite and the retention of fluids.

Antimonium crudum: Use for food problems related to affection, romantic problems, and lack of control.

Staphysagria: For eating to solve your problems, eating without control, and eating so much you lose track of the amount.

You should keep in mind that the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) is what controls appetite, and for this reason you can also try physical therapies such as acupuncture, which focuses on the specific organs that have an effect on a larger appetite.

We always recommend that you consult with a naturopath who will be able to create a personalized diagnosis and treatment, since some of the remedies that we’ve given above can interact negatively with certain medications and health issues.