Creams for Dark Spots on Your Face

Dark spots are very common because they can appear for various reasons. The good news is that you can use homemade and natural alternative creams for dark spots on your face.

Why do Dark Spots Appear on My Face?

There are alterations in color uniformity of the dermis. These can be white, brown, pink, red, etc. The darker they are, the more problems they cause. These spots are due to an excess of natural pigment (melanin) because of a greater amount of cells, for example. One of the most common causes is sun exposure, which causes transitory or permanent spots.

The most frequent shape of spots on your face (or any part of your skin) are moles, ephelides or freckles, and lentigines ( in the shape of a bean). Although they are not harmful to your health, many people decide to get rid of them because they want to look better and do this as an esthetic treatment.

Recommendations for Preventing Dark Spots

• Protect yourself from the sun, especially at midday during the summer. Don’t expose yourself without using a high SPF sun block. Wear a hat and sunglasses.
• Have a healthy and balanced diet: with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to include fish and walnuts, two very good foods for your dermis’ health.
• Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated as well as your body.
• Wash your face and moisturize it everyday. Before going to bed, remove your makeup and wash with warm water. In the morning, use a good moisturize and take advantage of natural remedies.

Natural Remedies for Facial Dark Spots

The following foods can be applied with no problem to the skin on your face to gradually remove dark spots:

• Apple cider vinegar: soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it everyday. Let sit for 20 minutes and wash with plenty of water.
• Cream of coconut: coconut milk is also good. Apply every night and let sit until the next day.

• Lemon juice: this is the most popular home remedy to remove dark spots. However, you should be very careful when applying, which should always be at night or if you are not going to leave the house (over the weekend, for example) because when it comes in contact with the sun, you will get the opposite effect that you want.
• Olive oil: it must be extra virgin (the purest that exists). Apply a little bit to your face with a cotton ball. Let sit until it dries and remove with hot water.
• Onion: this is another amazing remedy to remove dark spots, due to the nutrients that its juice has. Use it topically on your face to conceal wrinkles, acne, etc. Let sit for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water. Your skin may be damaged or if it is very sensitive, it will burn you a little bit. If that happens, remove the onion as soon as possible.

• Milk: for thousands of years, milk has been used to smooth the skin and make it beautiful. For example, Cleopatra bathed with fermented goat milk. Lactic acid removes all dead seals from your dermis’ surface and it also whitens it, which will restore its brightness. In the same way, you can take advantage of yogurt’s benefits. Apply it to your face with a gentle massage and let it dry. Then, rinse well with warm water.
• Cucumber: this cannot be missing from any skin care list (it’s not the most common image in a spa treatment for nothing). It has a lot of water, vitamin E, natural oils, and many nutrients to restore the dermis’ vitality and eliminate dark spots and wrinkles. Cut it in slices and make a homogenous paste. Apply it to your face for ten minutes and rinse.
• Aloe vera: another beauty product that cannot be miss, this has been used since Ancient Egyptian times, by Nerfertiti. It nourishes and smooths the skin. Cut a leaf of aloe vera and remove the aloe. Put it on the areas with spots and let sit for 30 minutes.

• Tomato: tomato juice, specifically has a large amount of nutrients, like vitamins C and A, and proteins, besides lycopene, which prevents free radicals from multiplying. Cut half a tomato and apply it to your face so that its juice is released. It is an excellent remedy for sun burns.
• Turmeric powder: it is an excellent ingredient in the majority of Indian recipes and is also an amazing remedy to eliminate dark spots from the skin. Apply it with a little bit of water or lemon juice on your face with gentle massages. Let sit for 30 minutes and rinse.
• Hydrogen peroxide: this is a truly incredible whitener (which is also used for teeth). At night, soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and gently swab it on your skin. Do the treatment for two weeks, repeating it every day.
• Chamomile: chamomile tea can be used as an astringent or toner to clear your skin up. You should use it to do a deep facial cleanse. Just make a tea like normal, let sit, and soak a cotton ball in the cup. Apply it to your face. You don’t have to rinse it off, just let it dry.

We hope you find this information useful on creams for dark spots on your face.