Detox Diet with Lemon

In addition to helping flush toxins and other waste products that interfere with the body's functions, if you combine this detox plan with a healthy diet and exercise you'll lose weight in no time.

A detox diet with lemon is an effective way to help the body flush toxins and accumulated waste products while also contributing to healthy weight loss. This diet has been around for half a century, but it’s just started to become popular in recent years.

About the detox diet with lemon

This lemon detox diet started to become popular after its creator, Stanley Burroughs, recommended it for curing stomach ulcers. In his book, The Master Cleanse, Burroughs shared his experiences with one patient who tried this diet after suffering from stomach ulcers for three years.

After 11 days on the detox diet with lemon, the patient made a complete recovery, much to the surprise of doctors. Since then, many similar cases have been reported in which results were seen after just 10 or 11 days of being on the diet. It was also noted in their medical records that many people were able to lose weight.

What is the detox diet with lemon?

The detox diet with lemon is a support plan for the body to help it eliminate stored toxins. As many of you already know, the body stores toxins as a result of poor nutrition, pollution, negative mental attitudes, or a sedentary lifestyle. Hence this diet should be considered as an aid to living a healthier lifestyle. That is to say, this diet should complement a healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as stress reduction, which are factors that influence the accumulation of toxins in the body.

How do you prepare the detox diet with lemon?

For this detox diet to work, it’s really important to set goals to see results. Defining what you want to achieve and identifying all the factors in the way of your objective is an important step to reaching your goals on this diet. Some people suggest preparing yourself for the detox process by adopting a vegetarian diet that will make the process less stressful on the body.

Precautions to keep in mind

Those with organ transplants should not use this diet, nor those on immunosupressant medications. Neither should those who have recently undergone surgery.

Before starting this diet, reduce your consumption of caffeine, soft drinks, sugars, refined flours and high fat foods.

Detox lemonade

This detox diet with lemon is a purifying program that allows you to cleanse your body by drinking a special lemonade made with the following ingredients:

• Lemons
• Pure organic maple syrup
• Pure cayenne pepper
• Mineral water

This diet is designed for a minimum length of 10 days.


• Mix equal parts water, lemon juice and maple syrup. Store in a dark glass container in the refrigerator.
• Then, add four tablespoons of this mixture to a glass of water, stir in the cayenne pepper and mix well until everything is dissolved.
• Ideally, you should drink 6-12 glasses of this lemonade a day, spacing them out over the course of the day and drinking a glass anytime you feel hungry.
• The maple syrup preserves the lemon juice and prevents its vitamin C and enzyme content from oxidizing.

You should also take a laxative in the morning and another at night. Just mix three teaspoons sea salt with a liter of water and drink a glass as needed.

How do I do the detox diet with lemon?

Doing this diet is a slow process that requires patience. On day one, you should only drink the lemonade. Then, start including orange juice. The next day, introduce vegetable soups and broths. On day three you can eat fruits and vegetables. Then gradually add meat, fish, dairy, eggs and other foods to balance your diet.

Once you finish the cleanse (in 10-11 days), you should eat well, but healthy. This cleansing diet will help you change your eating habits and say goodbye to poor nutrition.