Detox Your Mind and Body in A Day with This Simple Guide

At times life can be very complicated: deadlines to meet, objectives to fulfill, the pressures which never end, people to help, the need to always show a happy face when we don’t feel like even smiling, and then going to bed without even having enjoyed one moment for ourselves.

What can be the results if we continue with these habits for several weeks or months? It could result in health problems, in a body full of toxins, stress and even a mind that is totally worn out, where negative thoughts begin to bombard us, such as frustration and low self-esteem.

What can be done in these cases? Take a day off, if that is possible. Give yourself 24 hours and put into practice the following simple tips in order to detox your mind and body. It’s worth it!

How do you know if you need to detox your mind and body?

One fact we should keep in mind is that the ability of humans to “endure” can be really strong. We can cope with a stressful situation for several months without doing anything to manage that state. We tell ourselves that this pressure is normal, and that we must endure it, that it is better not to change anything. Until finally something happens: a drop in blood pressure, fainting or, worse, a heart attack.

This is why we must be alert to a series of symptoms that make it very clear something is going to happen. That something is not right. Take note:

• Insomnia.
• The need to be alone.
• Headaches every day, especially in the first few hours of the day or just before bed.
• Poor digestion.
• Irritable and bad mood.
• Allergies.
• Weight gain or just the opposite, a noticeable loss of weight.
• Feeling extremely tired.
• Fluid retention, swollen legs or belly.
• Constipation or diarrhea.
• Muscle pain.

Guide to detox your mind and body in one day

As we have indicated before, it would be most beneficial if you could enjoy a day off. Thus, you could follow these guidelines on a weekend or a weekday when your tasks and duties allow you to have 24 hours for yourself.

We know that it is not always possible to “be alone” for an entire day. However, keep in mind that there are moments in which we are about to exceed our limits, and our mental and physical health need to take priority and where these strategies are really useful. Keep them in mind.

1. Guide to follow during the morning

• Early morning. We need to take advantage of the day, thus it would be best to set your alarm clock for a fitting hour.
• Begin the day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon, just as we have recommended so many times in our articles.
• Take a warm shower and then finish it with a bit of cold water on the legs.
• Next you should eat a good detox breakfast. For this, you should prepare the following:

-A glass of white tea which, as you know, is the most potent antioxidant from nature.

-A bowl of fruit with a slice of pineapple, 5 strawberries and a kiwi.

-Toasted rye bread smeared with olive oil.

• What is the next step in our day in order to detox mind and boy? We are going to go walking for an hour, and if possible in a ‘green’ place: a park, in the mountains, or anywhere you can enjoy nature. Walking at a brisk pace will help to free your mind and cause your heart to start pumping in order to remove toxins, and improve overall health. Remember to carry a bottle of water with you and 5 raw almonds: which are ideal to give you energy and to calm anxiety.

2. Guide to follow during the afternoon and evening

1. It is time to eat, and we are going to continue with our detox and purifying diet. Take note of what you need to prepare:

• A salad of spinach, lettuce, arugula, pineapple chunks and pomegranate seeds.
• An artichoke with a little olive oil and white vinegar.
• 20 minutes after eating, drink a glass (200 ml) of coconut water. It is an excellent tonic.

2. After eating, look for a tranquil place where no sounds will disturb you and where you can sit down, to give yourself air and where you feel comfortable. It’s time to think about yourself, and for that you’re going to get a notebook and write answers to the following:

• What is it that prevents me from feeling happy right now? What am I worried about?
• What is it that I can be doing wrong? What am I doing that contributes to my worries and unhappiness?
• What should I do to make myself feel better?
• What can I do tomorrow in order to feel a little happier?
• What changes should I make now to feel better in the long run?
• What are my dreams and desires for myself?

Write it all out, analyze it and then think about it all very carefully.

3. Guide that you should follow to end the day

1. Do some relaxation exercises while you listen to music and try to simply enjoy the here and now, thinking positive thoughts. That you are good and feel good.

2. For dinner you can prepare the following:

Baked salmon with a little lemon juice
Steamed Brussel sprouts, since they are excellent to detox the liver.
Drink another glass (200 ml) of coconut water about 20 minutes after you have finished dinner.

3. Take a relaxing bath.

4. Prepare an infusion of lavender, lemon balm and honey before going to bed.

5. Take a good book to bed and remove all worries from your mind. Become aware that, from now on, you are going to worry more about yourself and simplify your life in order to be happier.

Do not hesitate to detox your mind and body each time you need it. You will feel much better.