Detoxify in One Week with Juices and Soups

Doing a cleansing or detox can help your body eliminate toxins, improve organ functions, prevent aging and chronic illnesses, balance weight and ensure well-being and a quality life.

In this article we are going to explain how to perform a simple and natural cleanse for one week. Thanks to the benefits provided from fruits and vegetables in the form of juices and soups, you can detoxify in one week.

Preparing a cleansing cure

In order to prepare this blood tonic, you need to be flexible and adapt to the fruits and vegetables that are in season. If you’re doing this on colder days, you will primarily choose soups to warm you up, whereas on hotter days, you will chose refreshing fruit juices. Both options are cleansers and add minerals to the body, and you can try to combine them.

Ideally you should prepare the juices yourself with a blender, but if you don’t have one, you could choose organic, natural juices found in diet and health food stores. Make sure that no sugars or other substances are added which could interfere with the cleanse.

What is a healing crisis?

Before beginning the cleanse, you need to know what a cleansing crisis is. Whenever the body is saturated with toxins (which is what happens to the majority of individuals due to poor diet, bad habits, and other things) you should start a cleanse, which the body greatly needs to eliminate toxins. This could initially create discomfort, like headaches, mucus discharge, diarrhea, etc. You could also experience symptoms like illnesses that you’ve had, or they could get worse at that moment. This is normal, and is even a sign that the body is functioning correctly. At any rate, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor or naturopath for a check-up, especially if you have some sort of disease. If you take any medications, it’s also a good idea to consult a specialist.

The first and last day

Because a lot of people don’t follow a healthy diet, and precisely to avoid any sort of significant healing crisis, the first and last day should be adapting. This means, simply make the effort to eat healthy, without consuming any of the following products:

• Red meat
• Fried foods
• Sugar
• Bread, pastries, crackers, and similar products

Instead, consume exclusively:

• Salads with dried fruit
• Soups, stews, or vegetable broth
• Easily digested vegetables: peas or lentils
• Apples, pears, pineapple, papaya or avocado
• Whole grain rice or millet

The blood tonic cure

This cleansing cure, based on juices and soups, will take place from the second to the sixth day, which is to say, for five days. It is to be carried out in the following way:

It isn’t absolutely necessary that you use all ingredients, but rather use those that are native to your area and are in season:

• Before breakfast: two glasses of warm water with juice from half a lemon and one tablespoon of linseed.
• Breakfast: apple, pear, carrot, pineapple, or ginger juice. Three dates.
• Lunch: cabbage, beet, apple and carrot juice. Cooked whole grain rice with kombu seaweed.
• Snack: cabbage, beet, apple and carrot juice. One roasted apple with cinnamon and a handful of dried fruit.
• Dinner: Cabbage, carrot, onion, garlic, leek, pumpkin, and artichoke soup. Add an optional organic seaweed, a bit of sea sat, cayenne pepper and one tablespoon of linseed. Accompany the soup with a hard boiled egg or lentils.

A few words of wisdom

• This cleansing should not be a sacrifice that causes you to suffer from hunger. If feel hungry, increase the portion size of each meal, but always try to chose the recommended foods, chewing well and peacefully.
• Throughout the day, drink cleansing infusions, like dandelion, cardamom, and horsetail, sweetened with a bit of honey, cane sugar or stevia.
• It is absolutely fundamental that you have a bowel movement in order for the cleansing to be complete. If, in spite of having eaten the linseed, you continue to have difficulties, choose instead to use an enema with warm water daily.
• During the cleansing you should avoid making heavy efforts or physical exercise, or stressful situations. Preferably opt to do this during a peaceful week, and choose gentle exercises like stretching, breathing, walking close to home or in a park, etc.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on how to detoxify in one week with juices and soups!