Foods that Burn Fat

To help control your blood sugar and balance the levels of glucose in your system, you can start by adding only 1.25 grams of ground cinnamon to your food and boost your metabolism by up to 20 times.

If you’re on a diet and you haven’t seen results, you might just need the little boost that certain fat burning foods can give you. By adding a few simple ingredients to your meals you can burn off extra inches from your waist, including your abdomen. Foods that burn fat are great additions to your diet and your overall health.

Which foods help your body burn fat quickly?

Greek yogurt

Tastier than commercially sweetened yogurt, greek yogurt is great addition to any meal or as a snack. When made according to the traditional recipe that hails from the Agean sea, greek yogurt can contain maximum amounts of proteins, nearly double that of other yogurts. In addition, when you are participating in intense workouts, greek yogurt can help balance your digestive system and nourish your body.


This tiny and humble grain from the Americas is packed full of healthy properties, and is a leader in helping burn calories and loose fat. This cereal grain contains 5 grams of fiber per cup (25o grams approximately). It’s considered a super grain, contains antioxidants, is rich in iron, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. You can use quinoa in multiple ways including mixing it with dried fruit, vegetables or other proteins.


You may use it flavor your drinks of coffee, bake pies, sweets and yogurts, but cinnamon can also help control your appetite. By adding only 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon to your meals you can boost your metabolism up to 20 times to help manage bloods sugar and reduce the amount of glucose in your blood, meaning its a favorite among those who are suffering from diabetes.

Peppers and chiles

Cayenne peppers or red bell peppers, both are perfect foods to help you drop pounds, since both are full of more vitamin C than is contained in citruses such as lemons and oranges. You can burn more fat in less time by consuming peppers and chiles because these foods are antioxidants that boost metabolism. The enormous amount of capsaicin found in peppers helps your body produce lipids and inhibit the development of fatty cells known as preadipocyte.

Green tea

You shouldn’t ignore the power of green tea in any diet whether for weight loss or health, and that means drinking at least two cups a day. Green tea is effective in controlling weight , especially for those who have a grease and fat heavy diet (typically of eating excess junk food). In addition, this tea has the power to help reduce your body’s absorption of certain fatty elements, even as it stimulates your body’s metabolism to burn fat from your abdomen and other problem areas.


In it’s red or yellow version, grapefruits are a super fruit. Both contain up to 90 percent water and barely make a dent in your caloric intake. Grapefruits have been used for years to help boost diets, thanks to their high concentration of citric acid, which help burn fat. We recommend you add grapefruits to your breakfast routine for those who suffer from anemia, high levels of cholesterol or are suffering from colds or other respiratory illnesses. Whether its as a juice, ripe fruit, shakes or salads, grapefruits are an excellent fruit choice.


Because of the amount of water contained in this fruit, eating watermelon will help you feel full and provide your intestines with the liquid they need to function well. Watermelons can help you manage your food intake by creating a sensation of fullness which cuts back cravings and binges for sweets or chocolates. Watermelons and other melons are rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants, low in calories and contain your daily dose of vitamins A and C.


Also containing a majority of water, apples also sport a certain nutrient called pectin, a supplement known to detox the body and help regulate the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Apples are natural diuretics, provide your body with fiber and amino acids. Pears also contain similar properties.


Grapes, and their dried version, raisins, are foods that act as natural detox properties and make the perfect snack for those on a weight loss diet. The most important characteristics of a grape have to do with a single property: vitamin B. Don’t forget the amount of potassium the fruit contains though. Both are helpful in reducing the levels of cholesterol in your body. In addition to being tasty, grapes are natural cleansers and help your body rid itself of harmful toxins.

Raw vegetables

Leafy greens such as spinach and chard are the best option when it comes to beneficial raw vegetables. Carrots, tomatoes, celery and leeks are great choices as well in helping burn fat and lose weight. You can choose to snack on them to provide a feeling of fullness, which thanks to their high water concentration is easily done. And because each of them are low in calories, they are a smart choice. Try to consume your vegetables raw, as cooking can cause them to lose their essential nutrients. You’ll be grateful for the fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants raw vegetables bring to the table.

Green coffee

Now a popular treat, green coffee has become widely available to those who seek it in organic and health stores. By helping change the way your body breaks down nutrients and fats, green coffee extract can help you in your weight loss goals. This is thanks to a substance contained in the bean that blocks your body’s absorption of calories found in fats and carbohydrates.


While eggs may be a point of contention among nutritionists, primarily for their cholesterol, they make an essential part of a balanced diet. Studies show that eating two eggs daily will help you drop pounds. Eggs are typically consumed at breakfast, helping your feel fuller longer throughout the day, meaning those cravings and snack breaks before lunch will go away. You’ll get plenty of energy from the proteins found in eggs to help you make it through the longest of your days.

Adding any of these foods that burn fat to your diet to help boost your weight loss is a great decision. Your body will thank you for it.