Healthy Smoothies to Reduce Abdominal Swelling

Smoothies are becoming more and more popular because of their fruity flavor, creamy texture, irresistible appearance and healthy properties. They are a perfect alternative drink for mid-morning or mid-afternoon, as they don’t contain any flour, sugar or processed products.

In this article we are going to share three irreistable and healthy smoothies — one green, one yellow, and one orange. Not only do their properties fight abdominal swelling, but they also improve digestive function and intestinal movements.

100% Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are generally prepared with fruit, either fresh, frozen or concentrated, and mixed with dairy products or ice. Because we are presenting a healthier version in these articles, without losing any flavor, we are going to offer up a few alternatives to make them more easily digested and as light as possible:

• Rather than milk or yogurt, use a plant-based beverage or cream, i.e. from rice, oatmeal, coconut or spelt, which can be found in any diet store or organic food market.
• Rather than sweetening with sugar, use agave nectar, honey, or refined stevia extract.
• Use fresh fruit, and if possible, organic.

What do they provide?

These smoothie recipes contain large amounts of fruit and/or vegetables that can be modified according to your own tastes.

They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, very nutritious, but yet they do not cause weight gain. In fact, they help weight loss because they are very satiating. They are a perfect mid morning or mid afternoon snack, or even to surprise guests at a meal or a special dinner. In this case, try to serve them in wide glasses or cups, and as an additional option, you could place a bit of rice, oat or coconut cream on top.

Smoothies are suitable for almost all ages. For the younger children, they are a unique and nutritive method of giving them fruit. And for people that exert important physical effort, you could also add dried, blended fuit, to make sure they get their daily dose of protein.

Green smoothie

Green leaf vegetables are very rich in magnesium and fiber, and they help cleanse the body and act as regulators for the nervous system. It’s a good way to “drink” a good salad in the morning, but yet enjoy the sweet taste of smoothies. The avocado also provides a creamy texture and essential fatty acids for health.

If you drink this smoothie in the morning, you will naturally improve intestinal movements, without needing to take laxatives.

What ingredients do I need?

• Avocado (If you like, you could even include gratings from the seed)
• Fresh spinach
• Ripe banana
• Plant-based beverage or apple juice
• Agave nectar, honey or stevia

Blend the ingredients and serve in a wide glass. Decorate with an apple or banana slice.

Yellow smoothie

This yellow smoothie is a perfect remedy for improving digestion, helping prevent fluid retention, activating the metabolism and even helping weight loss diets.

This smoothie has a refreshing, tropical, and slightly spicy taste, which is perfect for hot weather. You’ll need to add vegetable cream to in to make the drink creamy.


• One ripe pineapple
• Ginger juice or powdered ginger
• Powdered coconut
• Plant-based cream, from oatmeal, rice or coconut
• Purified stevia

You could also use the pineapple rind, which also has several beneficial health properties. Boil for 15 minutes, then let cool for another 5 minutes. You could also use this cooked ingredient in other smoothies.

Orange smoothie

The orange smoothie is especially recommended for people that suffer from intestinal problems, like constipation, diarrhea, colitis, parasites, etc. It also has a delicious flavor, in addition to its health benefits.
You will need

• Papaya (some seeds included, for anti-parasite properties)
• One mango
• Linseed (soaked in a bit of water overnight. You could also add the water to the smoothie as well)
• Some sort of plant-based beverage
• Organic orange rind (use just a small piece)
• Agave syrup, honey or purified stevia

Blend the ingredients until you notice that the papaya seeds and linseed are well blended. Decorate with a bit of the orange peel, whole or diced up.
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