How to Banish Bags Under Your Eyes

Besides reducing your salt intake and applying topical treatments, it is very important to get a good night's sleep. If you don't get enough rest, no remedy will be effective for bags under your eyes.

Having bags under your eyes is a common and very annoying beauty problem that affects both women and men. You may experience swelling under the eyes simply when you are tired or you may notice it all the time; the problem may be caused by genetics, fluid retention, allergies, a reaction to prescription drugs, or lack of sleep.

Unfortunately, to completely eliminate bags under your eyes, you need to have surgery; however, there are natural remedies that help noticeably reduce the swelling and thanks to these treatments you can help cover up the problem. Do you want to find out more about reducing under-eye bags? Read on.

Advice for reducing bags under the eyes

• Get enough rest: one of the principal causes of bags under the eyes is tiredness. It is very important to sleep at least 8 hours a night without interruptions and to take part in activities that help you to relax. If you don’t get enough rest, the bags under your eyes will not disappear and no treatment will be of use.
• Cut your salt intake: salt is one of the principal causes of fluid retention and bags under the eyes appear as a result of this.
• Drink water: drink at least 2 liters of water a day – it is highly beneficial to your health in general. When you drink large quantities of water the body more easily eliminates fluids and all the toxins that can affect your wellbeing, thanks to this you can reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and stop them from appearing.
• Adjust the food you consume: include foods that help get rid of water from the body and will assist in eliminating fluids that build up.
• Hydrate your facial skin: bags under the eyes can also appear as a result of sun exposure as this tends to thin the skin below the eye, destroying the collagen and elastin fibers. Use moisturizing creams for the skin, preferably with sun protection.
• Don’t rub the eye area: when you frequently rub the skin around the eyes you irritate the delicate skin and this makes it more likely that bags under the eyes will appear.
• Avoid the chemicals in cosmetics: some people experience an allergic skin reaction to chemicals in certain cosmetics, which causes swelling around the eyes. If you experience this, avoid using certain cosmetics and try to identify which is causing the appearance of your under-eye bags.

Remedies for reducing bags under your eyes


Potato’s properties are ideal for helping reduce inflammation and, therefore, they are great allies in the fight against under-eye bags. Simply cut a few slices of raw potato, leave them to cool in the refrigerator, and later place them over your eyes so they cover the area of the eye bags. Leave the potatoes to act for 15 minutes.


Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling that contributes to bags under the eyes. To take advantage of this benefit, cut slices of cucumber a leave them to chill in the refrigerator. Once they are well cooled put them on closed eyes for 25 minutes and have a nap to amplify the beneficial effects of this soothing remedy.

Green tea

Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes while also helping rejuvenate the facial area. Prepare a couple of green tea bags as an infusion and leave them to cool to room temperature. Place the compresses on your eyes for 15 minutes.


If you slept badly and the next day you have the signs of tiredness around your eyes, this trick is ideal for reducing the bags and giving you a fresher face.

Soak some cotton wool in milk and apply to the area around the eyes where you can see the swelling. Leave to act for at least 15 minutes then rinse well with lots of cold water.


Apple is an ideal facial rejuvenator and perfect for reducing under eye bags. Cut an apple and make a puree out of the apple until it forms a paste. Leave to chill in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then apply to the area around the eyes, leaving for 15 minutes.