How to Diminish Blemishes on the Hands

Blemishes on the hands usually appear as you age. But there are other factors that can contribute to their appearance, such as the sun. We oftentimes place a lot of emphasis on natural beauty and sometimes we spend a lot of money on treatments to remove these imperfections. So would you like to know a few remedies for diminishing the appearance of blemishes on the hands that are easy and more economical?

1. Aloe vera gel

You know that our hands are exposed to many different external attacks. Eventually the sun and dryness can make those dark spots appear without us even noticing at first and, little by little, they become more visible. They can make us look older, more fragile and suddenly our hands appear less beautiful to our eyes.

If you apply a little aloe vera gel every day, you can help your skin regenerate little by little. This natural gel allows us to treat the skin of the hands, by repairing and toning and thereby diminishing the blemishes. It is the best remedy and the most useful on a daily basis. It will protect your skin from the sun and prevent premature signs of aging on your hands.

2. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a natural ingredient widely used since ancient times to perform a simple miracle: skin whitening. By using this you can diminish blemishes on your hands little by little. But it is essential that you use it at night. If the sun comes into contact with our skin soaked in lemon, it can be very harmful.

So, here’s how to use it: mix the juice of half a lemon with two slices of cucumber. Then place the cucumber slices moistened with lemon on your hands, leaving them for 20 minutes. Afterward wash your hands normally.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Here’s another tip that is both marvelous and effective. You probably already have apple cider vinegar in your home and also know about its great natural health benefits. Well this time it’s going to be helpful to diminish the blemishes on your hands.

And what do we have to do? It’s very easy. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with another tablespoon of moisturizing cream. The kind you normally use for your hands. Massage it on your hands for 10 or 15 minutes and let stand overnight. It is very beneficial in eliminating the blemishes on your hands.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

With this remedy we have to be careful. Some people do not react well to hydrogen peroxide, it can produce itching and irritation. You must decide for yourself if you can use it or not. The way to use it is very simple: in the evening take a cotton ball dampened with hydrogen peroxide and place it on your hands letting the skin absorb it. Do not wash it off but allow it to act overnight.

As you can see, most of these tips are to be applied at night, thereby protecting your hands from the negative effects of the sun. Only the aloe vera gel can give protection against the sun. Feel free to try these simple remedies to diminish the blemishes on your hands.