How to Have a Healthy Bedroom

We’re always talking about the importance of resting well at night to recover energy, and for the body to restore its balance and regenerate. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to avoid stress as much as possible, eat a healthy diet, exercise, etc. But it’s also important to have an area to rest: your bedroom.

In this article, we are going to explain how to have a healthy bedroom, with clean and pure air, radiation-free, that transmits balance and serenity and promotes good rest and good relationships.

Clean air

One inexpensive and natural solution for keeping the air in your bedroom clean is to place some sort of plant in your bedroom. Don’t use just any plant, however, because some can steal oxygen. We recommend sansevieria for your bedroom, which is a plant that transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen over night. We recommend placing two tall plants in your bedroom, which will not only purify the air, but will also give some green color to the room. This color helps to balance emotions.

Your room is a place where you rest and oftentimes share with your partner. It should transmit clarity and serenity, which is why it shouldn’t be cluttered with furniture or other objects. Try to make sure that it has the absolute necessities and a little something decorative, but make sure it has open spaces. And most especially, to have a healthy bedroom, you must try to keep it organized.


Ideally a bedroom should have natural light, but in some cases this isn’t possible, or the bedrooms are fairly dark. In this case, you could play with lamps that provide warmth, like Himalayan salt lamps, for example. These lamps have a very relaxing a warm orange light to them, that also help neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

A ventilated area

In order to prevent primarily the appearance of mites, but also to make a welcoming environment, we recommend ventilating your bedroom daily. If possible, expose it directly to sunlight, especially areas that may have mites. These areas include places that are generally humid and hot: bed sheets, quilts, curtains, mattresses, cushions, carpets, etc.

During or in between hot seasons, you could also leave your window open at night if you don’t live in a noise or brightly illuminated area. Place a screen over the window before hand, or simply lower the blinds or close the curtains to prevent feeling closed in, which often times happens in the morning.

What does your bedroom smell like?

You should also focus on the details of how your bedroom smells. If you have a clean bedroom, there’s no reason that it should smell like anything in particular. Some may have certain odors due to moisture, odors from outside…or you might simply want to give a special touch of something you like to it. That’s why we have incense, papier d’armenie, resins that can be burned with carbon, conventional air fresheners, or even essential oil diffusors. We especially recommend the following aromas:

Lemon: for cleansing and disinfecting the environment

Mint: for refreshing

Ginger: for warming

Cinnamon: for stimulating

Lavender: for relaxing

Rose: to create a sweet and romantic space

Eucalyptus: to cleansing the environment and improving respiratory problems

Citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin): for improving moods and fighting depression

Be careful with mirrors

Feng-shui states that it’s not a good idea to have mirrors in your bedroom because they change the energies that promote good rest. You could also cover your mirror at night, or even test this effect for a few days to see if you notice a difference, especially if you have problems sleeping well. It’s best, however, to place them in areas that they are the most beneficial.

North-facing bed

Another key to resting well and re-orienting yourself, is to try to face your bed towards the North. If this is impossible in your case, find another direction, but always try to avoid facing your bed towards the South, which is the most damaging option.