How to Know Your State of Health By Your Eyes

In the same way our health is reflected in our feet, hands, or face, the eyes also indicate how our organs are functioning. They are very related to the liver, but also with other parts of the body.

In this article, we will explain the significance of some marks, colors, and signs of the eyes and also the skin under the eyes, the eyelashes, and lines.

When the Eyes Have Lost Their Natural Sparkle

This is a reflection of congested liver and kidneys, where the blood is not flowing properly. There is an overload of toxicants that hinder circulation and oxygenation, because the nutrients also cannot reach the cells easily. Also, the blood that needs to reach the upper region of the head, such as to the eyes or head, still needs more energy to fight against gravity, so they are the first to suffer from this disequilibrium.

Yellow-Colored Skin Underneath the Eyes

However, when the skin underneath the eyes is a dark color or even blackish, it indicates that the kidneys, bladder, and reproductive organs are effected, the result of an old problem in the digestive system.

Pale or Gray Skin Underneath the Eyes

The pale or grayish color also indicates the kidneys or, in some cases, the lungs. In this case, some of these organs are not functioning correctly due to improper lymphatic drainage. In other cases, it may refer to the hormonal system.

Swollen Bags Under the Eyes

Swollen bags that appear under the eyes, and which some people remove with cosmetic surgery because they give the appearance of sadness or exhaustion, are telling us that the digestive and excretory organs are congested. The body is not able to correctly expulse the toxic substances.

Sometimes these bags appear upon waking up, after having dined late and in excess, and will disappear after a few hours, but it is still important to realize that we should cleanse our body. When these bags become chronic and in place of being filled with water, they are filled with fat, it’s already a severe condition, and it would be wise to get examined to rule out the possibility of inflamed organs or the presence of a cyst.

White Cloud Over the Pupil

When a cloud covers the pupil, that is, the black circle in the middle of the iris, it can indicate mucus and other particles that have not been properly digested or dissolved. This sign is very important, because it can help us prevent the development of cataracts in the future, since it indicates a poorly-functioning liver and digestive system. The same white cloud might be observed in some animals as well, and has the same meaning.

Reddened Sclera (Whites of the Eyes)

The sclera is the white part of the eyes, and often when many people notice that some of the capillaries get red, it means that there are problems with the circulatory and respitory functions. These signs can appear and disappear rapidly, or also last for a long time.

Yellow Spots on the Whites of the Eyes

We can also observe yellow spots on the whites of our eyes. As we have said, yellow coloring indicates the liver and the bladder, which would be accumulating kidney stones.

Dilated Pupils

The pupils change in size based on the light in the place we are, but when we observe that they are larger than normal, apart from the lighting, it may be due to states of stress or the presence of intestinal parasites. Parasitism is confirmed if we also notice burning or tingling on the tip of our nose, if we have intestinal or digestive problems, altered appetite, anxiety, etc.

Crow’s Feet

Crows feet, or wrinkles that appear on the outer corners of the eyes also indicate that the liver is weakened, so we should start to from a young age to care for this organ.