How To Naturally Treat An Infection

There are many types of infections, and each one of them has its own treatment and medication. But your body always reacts the same way to an infection, regardless of the type, meaning that you should most certainly understand the key elements of infections in order to naturally fight them off. In this article, we’ll explain how you can treat an infection with just a few simple steps that will drastically strengthen your immune system.

Why do infections happen?

When you get an infection, your first reaction is probably to blame it on the pathogen that has invaded your body and is causing your defense system to fight back. But the truth is that we are surrounded by all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites all day long, and these pathogens have a different impact on each person they come into contact with.

Natural medicine says that the cause of an infection isn’t actually the pathogen itself, but the fact that our defenses are not strong enough to fight against that pathogen, thus allowing the microorganism to develop free of obstacles.

Before treating it, prevent it

That’s why the first step in treating an infection is preventing it, and, in order to do that, you need to have a strong immune system that will keep that pathogenic microorganism from reproducing in your body.

But how can you do that?

Eat well balanced meals, and avoid sugars, processed foods, fried foods and additives.

Drink plenty of water, juice and natural teas in between meals.

Stay away from bad habits, stress and negative emotions.

Limit your use of medication.

Intestinal flora

Your intestines are directly connected to your immune system. If your intestines fail to function correctly, you will be at a greater risk for all types of infections.

That’s why you should take the following steps if you have any of these problems:

If you experience diarrhea, drink and eat astringent foods and drinks: green tea, charcoal, apple (without the peel), grapes, etc.

If you experience constipation, focus on laxative foods: flaxseed, prunes, oatmeal, saltwater, olive oil, etc. If these elements don’t help your situation, you can try a more intense laxative treatment.

If your nervousness tends to affect your intestines, go for relaxing teas such as lemon balm and passion flower, as well as emotional therapy treatments (Bach flowers, homeopathy) and relaxing exercises (yoga, tai chi, going to the gym, going for a walk, etc).

If you need to restore your intestinal flora, you can take probiotics, which can be found at the pharmacy or a natural food store.

Strengthen your defenses

We already mentioned the importance of having a strong defense system and avoid anything that might weaken it. However, there are additional foods and supplements that can help you make your immune system even stronger.

Let’s take a look:

Raw garlic


Oregano: prepared as a tea or essential oil, and then diluted in honey or olive oil. The essential oil should be for oral use, not topical use.

Echinacea: as a tea

Thyme: as a tea

Ginger: best if eaten fresh

Lemon, including the peel

You should try to include these elements in your daily meal plan.

What about fever?

Lots of people are afraid of getting a fever, but as long as your fever does not get too high or last too long, it’s nothing more than one of the body’s many defense mechanisms. Your body temperature increases in order to kill the harmful microorganisms in your body.

Therefore, if you have a low fever, don’t immediately run to the medicine cabinet in order to get it back down. Rather, take a deep breath and focus on treating it naturally. How can you do that? Well, you should help your body sweat by doing the following:

Drink teas with substances that make you hot, such as ginger or cinammon.

Cover yourself with plenty of blankets or wool throws.

If you’re hungry, you can have a bowl of vegetable soup with a bit of cayenne pepper and raw garlic.

Make sure to monitor your temperature with a thermometer.

Other supplements

We also recommend the following specific supplements for any type of infection:

Grape seed extract

Garlic capsules

Vitamin C


Echinacea extract

You can also purchase natural syrups which tend to include the above-mentioned ingredients.

This article is only intended to give you a few tips, but never let this information stand in for the valuable insight that you can get from a medical professional.