How to Use Celery to Lose Weight

That’s why it’s a good idea to know that of all the vegetables we eat, there are a few that are very effective at helping us to lose weight, like celery for example. This vegetable is regularly used when creating a lot of different foods, and it is recommended for individuals on weight loss diets because it is low in calories, it doesn’t contain any fat at al, nor a lot of carbohydrates.

Properties of celery

Celery is characteristic for its high water content – approximately 95%. This makes it an easily digested food, it is hydrating and has highly diuretic properties. It also helps cleanse the body and it can prevent stomach and colon cancer. It also possess anti-inflammatory properties that help control blood pressure and that can fight insomnia. It can even frequently effectively alleviate fevers and allergies.

This vegetable contains essential oils like limonene and selinene, which are what gives celery its diuretic properties. They are found in larger amounts in the stalk and seeds.

The essential oils in celery also have great antibacterial properties, which can help eliminate any infection or toxic substance that could be found in the kidneys. It also has the ability to eliminate stones that have formed both in the kidneys as well as in the gallbladder.

This large amount of properties are what make celery an excellent food, not only for those that want to lose weight, but also for people in general, especially those that are worried about maintaining a good quality of life.

Consuming celery to lose weight

For those individuals that want to use it as an effective weight loss method, I have a very simple and effective recipe for you that will help you lose a few extra pounds. In order to shed that extra weight by eating celery, you need to prepare delicious drinks using whichever fruit you like best, combined with a few stalks of celery.

You can make any sort of mixture of one or several different fruits or vegetables, and then add the primary ingredient (celery). The best fruits and vegetables that you could combine with celery are: carrots, cucumber and apples, although of course as we mentioned before, you can add whichever fruit or vegetable you like. You could also take advantage of it by adding celery more often to your meals. Not only is it healthy, it’s delicious!

Likewise, it is important that you remember that in order to benefit the most from your daily celery juices, you need to accompany them with a balanced diet, and especially an exercise routine. If for whatever reason you aren’t interested in joining the gym, you could walk daily for 30 minutes to an hour. And that will be sufficient!