Learn How to Grow Aloe Vera at Home, You’ll love it!

We all know the great benefits of aloe vera. This medicinal plant with its enormous properties is very easy to grow at home. Therefore, it’s worth the effort to have one in your house. It needs very little care, just a little water, and further, you can grow it inside the house.

Would you like to know how to grow your own aloe vera plant? Find out with us below.

1. Why is it good to have an aloe vera plant at home?

Experts say that new aspects of aloe vera are being discovered every day. It is marvellous, a natural resource available to all of us that we should consider. This plant can be the solution to many of our daily aches and pains.

Do you know what aloe vera’s important properties are?

Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. From the B complex group, tannins, oils, fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), to numerous amino acids.

Aloe vera also has the ability to regenerate skin cells, which is very useful in the case of burns, for example.

Easily digested and can treat problems with constipation.

One of its greatest virtues is that aloe vera can act as an excellent cleanser and disinfectant.

In addition to treating skin problems, it is also ideal for regenerating internal tissues.

A great natural pain reliever, without any side effects.

Eliminates fungi and viruses.

Protects and fortifies our immune system.

A wonderful anti-inflammatory.

2. Learn to grow your own aloe vera at home

What do you need?

A large clay pot.

Normal potting soil to fill half the pot and peat moss for the other half.

Gravel to be placed on the bottom of the pot to help keep it well drained.

The cutting from an aloe vera plant that you want to cultivate.

What type of aloe vera can you choose?

You should know that there are more than 200 types of aloe vera plants. So, which should you choose? Take note of the following most popular kinds:

ALOE ARBORESCENS: This one is considered a premium aloe vera and has an “octopus” form. It usually grows very fast and as it does, forms a shrub which can reach a height of up to 4 meters (12 feet). As for its properties, it has many, like for example treating burns, skin problems and speeding healing of tissues.

ALOE SAPONARIA: This one has very broad, fleshy leaves, 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) long, with spiny edges. It also treats skin problems, and it is good for constipation, inflammation … It is magnificent and beautiful. Although it does not grow very large.

ALOE ARISTATA: Its central shape usually has a diameter of 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 inches), with fleshy leaves. Besides treating the same problems as the previous ones, it is ideal for treating stings from wasps and other insects. It is very useful for home remedies and is the preferred choice to grow at home.

How do you grow the plant?

Begin by placing the gravel in the bottom of the pot, this will help ensure good drainage to the aloe vera does not rot.

Fill the pot half way with normal potting soil and the other half with enriched peat moss. Never use sand because the excess salt is not good for this plant.

Place the little aloe vera plant that you have chosen in the center of the pot and cover it with soil up to the beginning of the leaves.

The aloe vera normally grows large roots, which holds it firmly in place. Once you have planted the new aloe vera it is best not to water it for two weeks. The roots will continue to grow during this time and afterward you can give it a little water.

The aloe vera needs sunshine, a lot of sunshine, so you can place it in a well-lit corner of your house or on the porch.

It needs very little water, so you should only water it once every two weeks and it will grow well.

The aloe vera does not like cold so you should protect it in the wintertime.

It usually grows quickly and soon you will notice that additional little plants have begun to grow around it. These are its offspring, which you can pull out and plant in other pots once they reach a height of four fingers.

As you can see it is very easy to grow your own aloe vera plant at home; they grow fast and do not need much care. When you notice that its leaves are quite large and fleshy this is when they can be used for your home remedies. These plants reproduce very well, which means in just a little time you will have new cuttings for additional plants.

It is good to remove them from the main plant so that it will continue to grow and at the same time you can grow new plants. It is very enjoyable to grow aloe vera and its many benefits are excellent.