Lower Your Blood Pressure the Natural Way

High blood pressure is one of the most common conditions in today’s society, and can be very dangerous if left untreated. Among the factors that can influence blood pressure are the levels of water and salt in the body, renal health, our blood vessels and nervous system, as well as hormone levels. That’s why in this article we’ll show you how to lower your blood pressure the natural way.


Thanks to their high levels of vitamin C and flavonoids, limes help maintain the health of our blood vessels, promoting elasticity and preventing leakage. This fruit also helps prevent the formation of varicose veins.


Guava fruit helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol while also increasing so-called good cholesterol. People with high blood pressure may experience some relief by adding guava to their diet.


This natural product helps maintain a healthy heart, which lowers high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, and also lowers cholesterol. The best way to consume mistletoe is through teas.


Hazelnut, especially hazelnut milk, contains high levels of calcium that help fight high blood pressure. In addition to this, its magnesium content also helps regulate proper blood vessel function.


Celery is one of the best natural diuretics, which helps the body eliminate toxins and prevent fluid retention – two of the high-risk factors for high blood pressure. It’s best to consume celery in juice form.


Lemons are a great natural treatment for high blood pressure. In fact, this fruit is effective against many types of disease, especially those of the respiratory system. Their high content of vitamin C helps repair blood vessels and keep them in good condition, reducing hypertension.

Violet flower

Violets are a highly diuretic plant that helps the body eliminate toxins through urine. This removal of excess fluid is a great way to prevent high blood pressure. Other properties of the plant have a hypotensive effect, which helps maintain optimal blood pressure levels.


Like violet, lavender has diuretic properties that help the body eliminate toxins through urine, preventing fluid retention and thereby lowering blood pressure. Lavender also helps reduce stress and is especially effective at reducing high arterial pressure due to nervous system problems.


Some experts recommend following a diet that incorporates a lot of rice, because it helps regulate blood pressure levels and reduces the chance of sudden bouts of hypertension.


Carrots are another food that benefits the body, especially when it comes to high blood pressure. Their high vitamin C and beta-carotene content help lower cholesterol and protect the arteries.