Medicinal Herbs that Give us Energy

We all experience times of high physical or mental demand, especially at work. You get home exhausted with no energy left. What can you do? Don’t worry – there are lots of herbs that can help. Find out more in the following article.

The best herbs for energy

Maybe you’re getting over an illness. Or you have a family member who’s going through a tough time and they need more energy to help get through the day. Stress on the job, personal problems, or those late nights studying for exams when you just need to be able to focus for a few more hours: what can you do to help increase your energy stores? Well first and foremost, you need to eat well if you want to have energy. Secondly, take care of yourself by getting proper rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and making time to relax a bit throughout the day by going on a short walk or taking a hot bath to relieve tension. And finally, adding any of these amazing medicinal herbs to your diet will give you a little extra boost. Are you paying attention? Excellent!

1. Rosemary

You’re already familiar with rosemary for the delightful flavor it adds to food. It’s best known for seasoning meats or rice, but did you also know it’s a great medicinal herb? Rosemary is anti-inflammatory, helps improve breathing, aids in digestion, and also gives us energy.

Rosemary reduces fatigue and improves blood circulation – especially to the brain. It can also be a great tonic if you’re recovering from an illness. It’s revitalizing, and energizing.

It promotes good concentration: if you want to improve your concentration, try drinking two cups of rosemary tea per day. Use 20 grams of fresh rosemary or 5 grams of dried herb per liter of water. Boil the water, add the rosemary and let it steep. This will keep in the fridge for two days if stored in a glass container.

2. Aloe vera

You already know how great the aloe plant is. It’s known for its healing properties, excellent for the skin and a good tonic for the body. But another major strength is its nutritional qualities. Aloe contains amino acids that help rebuild the body after an illness, along with B vitamins and proteins. It’s a natural treasure with amazing benefits.

To make an aloe tea, just add a tablespoon of the gel from the plant to a cup of water and let it steep. If you add a slice of lemon it will taste even better. This is excellent for drinking after lunch.

3. Guarana

Surely you’ve heard of guarana (Paullinia cupana). Its seeds have an energizing effect much like coffee, so it’s important to use this in moderation – no more than one glass per day. Guarana contains theophylline, theobromine, xanthine, guaranine, and tannins. It’s invigorating, enhances concentration and elevates the mood. This is a great choice if you’re extremely tired or going through a tough time. There are ready-made guarana drinks, as well as tablets: both are available in health food stores. You can also make a guarana tea, but don’t overdo it. Just have one cup a day. It really will make you feel better.

4. Ginseng and cinnamon tea

This one is effective and delicious. As you know, one of the most well-known properties of ginseng is its ability to fight fatigue and feelings of weakness. It improves concentration and blood flow to the brain. In addition, it acts as a great natural antioxidant in the fight against free radicals, and slows the cellular aging process and the development of diseases like cancer. Try this to take better care of your immune system. But were you aware that when combined with cinnamon it’s even better for you, and has a nicer flavor? Try out these two ingredients together, and you’ll see a change in your health.

5. Yerba Mate

We’ve promoted the benefits of yerba mate many times. Yerba mate acts as a stimulant, enhancing the senses more than even a cup of coffee. And don’t forget that it’s a natural source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, and manganese. Why would you miss out on this? It’s worth trying, once a day, to improve circulation, combat fatigue, and improve your mood. It’s healthy! But yes, this powerful antioxidant should be consumed with a little sweetener. It’s bitter, so a bit of honey will help you better absorb its beneficial properties. Enjoy!