Melon, Spinach, and Grape Smoothie for Tired Muscles

By drinking this smoothie you not only get an excellent supply of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients – it also helps fight tired muscles and give you extra energy

With this delicious smoothie made with melon, spinach, and grapes you’ll meet your body’s nutritional needs and help overcome tired muscles.

No doubt you’ve experienced those days when you notice your muscles feel weak and you’re not able to go about your daily activities with your normal levels of energy.

There are many potential causes of that annoying muscle fatigue, but it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re experiencing it every day you should visit your doctor to determine whether there is an underlying problem.

For the rest of us, however, anytime you feel weak or overloaded, take a minute to try this delicious and healthy recipe – you’ll be energized in five minutes!

Causes of muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue is a condition that almost always appears after you’ve pushed yourself hard, physically. The real trouble arises if you’re experiencing this feeling even when you haven’t engaged in any kind of physical activity.

What’s causing this? If you think this is you and you’re suffering from muscle fatigue all the time, you might want to consider the following points:

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is one of the most common causes of muscle fatigue or pain. It affects more women than men, and is sometimes associated with a weakened immune system.
• Sometimes muscle fatigue can also be accompanied by muscle weakness – you simply lack strength. This could be due to a variety of diseases, including muscular dystrophy or inflammatory myopathy.
• Osteoarthritis and arthritis also occasionally appear alongside muscle fatigue. It happens regardless of whether you’ve been exercising or lifting weights.
• A lack of calcium is one of the most important factors that characterize muscle fatigue. Remember that this mineral facilitates the contraction of the muscle groups, and when you don’t get enough of it the pain and fatigue can appear.

Melon, spinach, and grape smoothie for tired muscles

Benefits of spinach for your muscles

If there’s one vegetable that can help care for your muscular health, it’s spinach. We can summarize the reasons why in the following points:

• Spinach leaves are rich in a type of nitrate that increases protein synthesis. Thanks to this, it helps strengthen the muscle tissue.
• And don’t forget that spinach is one of the most calcium rich vegetables in the world. The release of calcium ions promotes the contraction of your muscles.
• The best way to benefit from spinach is to eat it raw. Remember that the calcium you get from vegetable sources is better than dairy products (the pasteurization process can alter nutrients found in regular milk, making it less healthy for you).

Melon for your muscles

Melons have a delicious flavor and they’re very refreshing. But did you know that melons are a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals?

Eating melon might also prevent arthritis and gout, helping your body’s natural detox and improving the health of your nerves and muscles. It’s definitely worth trying out!

Grapes enhance muscle health

Athletes typically eat a lot of grapes and raisins. We recommend eating red and purple grapes, because the darker varieties contain lots of antioxidants and are better for your overall health.

• Grapes are also packed with magnesium and potassium, making them ideal for improving your physical performance and fighting muscle fatigue.
• There’s no better way to start your day than with a bowl of oatmeal with grapes and nuts. This helps you get the essential nutrients and energy stores you need to face the day.

Recipe for melon, spinach, and grape smoothie


• 1 cup of melon (150 g) – any variety of melon you prefer
• 8 leaves of spinach, raw
• 10 red grapes
• 1 cup of water (200 g)


• The first thing you should do is cut the melon into pieces. You can choose any kind of melon that’s in season, but make sure it’s not overly ripe.
• Add the melon and the spinach to your blender.
• Wash the grapes and put them in the blender along with the cup of water.
• Process until you obtain a smooth, homogeneous liquid.

If you prefer, you can add oat milk or even plain yogurt instead of the milk in this recipe. It all depends on your particular tastes.

Drink this smoothie on an empty stomach to get your day started and prevent tired muscles. But as we said in the beginning, if you’re suffering from constant muscle fatigue it’s best to consult your doctor.