Natural Beverages for Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue. There are some times that are worse than others: work strain or difficult personal responsibilities and periods of stress or sheer exhaustion can cause a state of complete mental tiredness. But what if you start incorporating the following natural beverages into your diet? You’ll love them!

1. Oatmeal, banana, and honey smoothie

What do you need?

1 ripe banana


Greek yogurt

Skim milk

2 tablespoons of honey

Ground cinnamon

How do you make this smoothie to fight mental fatigue?

Making an oatmeal and banana smoothie is really easy and highly effective in the fight against mental exhaustion. Just soak the oats first in a bowl of water to soften them.

After they soak, strain off the water and reserve the oats. Cut the ripe banana into pieces and add it to a blender along with the oatmeal. Add the skim milk and yogurt. As you know, Greek yogurt is the healthiest kind you can buy, because it strengthens the immune system as well as promoting healthy bacteria growth in the intestines.

Blend all the ingredients and finally pour the honey and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Ideally you should drink this smoothie cold. It’s refreshing, hydrating, and the banana, oatmeal, and honey combination gives your body a lot of energy. This beverage contains plenty of minerals that will wake up the mind and make you feel less tired.

2. Carrot, beet, and apple juice

What do you need?

1 medium beet

1 green apple

1 carrot

Half a cucumber

1 cup of water

How do you make it?

This juice is really delicious – you’ll love it, and its benefits for relieving mental fatigue will be obvious. So what do you need to do? Well you should always have green apples on hand. They’re great for weight loss, fat burning, and keeping your cholesterol under control. Combined with beets and carrots this juice is rich and revitalizing, full of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a natural tonic that helps the body eliminate toxins from the kidneys and the liver.

But the combination of vitamins and minerals is also well-suited for fighting fatigue – something we all experience in today’s high-stress world. Just wash all the fruits and vegetables, slice them, and add them to the blender. Cucumber will help you stay hydrated, for example, so it’s worth having that half in there. Blend until you have a smooth juice and drink it either cold or at room temperature. You’ll feel instantly better.

3. Almond, melon, and grape smoothie

What do you need?

2 slices of melon, any seasonal variety

1 cup almond milk

10 seedless grapes

How do you make it?

This smoothie is a great way to start your morning. If you woke up with a slight headache, feel lethargic, and aren’t looking forward to the day you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of this simple remedy.

For this recipe it’s best if you already have almond milk on hand. It’s sold pre-made in supermarkets, but if you prefer your own homemade recipe that’s even better. Almonds are one of the healthiest foods in the world, and in this case we’re especially interested in their magnesium content, which is great for fighting fatigue, headaches, joint pain… almonds are incredibly healthy, just like the drink made from them.

You’ll need two slices of melon, whichever seasonal variety you prefer, but make sure that it’s fresh. Don’t buy prepared juices in stores because they’ve lost many of their nutrients. Always choose fresh melons or juices. Slice the melon and place it in the blender.

Now add about 10 grapes and your almond milk. Remember to remove any skins and seeds from the grapes to make this beverage more smooth, although grape skins do contain wonderful properties. Blend until you have a homogenous liquid and drink it chilled. It’s invigorating, delicious, and ideal for alleviating your mental fatigue. It never fails.