Natural Remedies for Warts

Warts can affect adults and children alike, and are actually a very common affliction. They are tiny protrusions that can form on any part of the body and often for unknown reasons. Sometime they are minor annoyances and pose no real health risks, but you should do your best to treat and eliminate warts before they can spread to other parts of your body, or grow in size as they typically do.

If you are looking for simple and natural remedies for warts, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find some of the most easily accessible and common home remedies for treatment and elimination of warts.

Castor oil

Castor or ricin oil can produce excellent results in riding yourself of that embarrassing wart. Simply apply a bit of oil to the area with a cotton ball gently each night and watch it disappear before your eyes.


To see your wart shrink to a memory, try figs. Figs produce a milky substance when fresh that can be applied directly to the affected area multiple times a day. Use until you see results with no side effects.


Raw potatoes are one of the best natural remedies for warts. Simply peel a raw potato and grate a small piece. You can spread this directly over the wart. We recommend leaving it on overnight. To avoid getting into some sticky situations, you can wrap the area with a bandage or towel to hold the potato in place. Unwrap and rinse with cold water in the morning.


If you can stand the accompanying tears, onions are an excellent natural home remedy to treat warts. Juice an onion and apply the milky substance directly to the wart and let dry. Ideally you would leave the treatment on overnight. Simply rinse off the area in the morning. We recommend you use this treatment only on warts that develop on your hands or feet, since onion juice is an irritant to more sensitive skin. Avoid areas on your face.


If you’ve found yourself with a wart and are looking for a simple and tasty solution, try bananas. Try eating a banana before bed and then secure the peel to the affected area with a bandage overnight. You’ll find that warts disappear quickly when you apply this remedy.


First, thoroughly cleanse the area around the wart with water and soap. Let the area dry and apply a thin layer of garlic paste to the wart. Leave on overnight for up to 15 days. You’ll notice that the wart will begin to separate from the skin slowly. Let it do so naturally for smooth skin that has no scars.

Things to remember

You should see your healthcare professional or general care physician if warts become recurring or are affecting a large portion of your body, since that condition could indicate a larger health risk or problem that requires special treatment.