Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

When you're out buying essential oils, take a second look to ensure you are buying a product that is natural and has therapeutic benefits. Artificial oils only give off a pleasant scent and don't have the same benefits.

A clean and well ventilated home shouldn’t suffer from bad odors, but at times factors such as humidity, inaccessible ventilation or being in the presence of smokers can mean that you’ll turn to commercial sprays and scents to cover up the stench.

In this article we’ll explore the types of natural ingredients you can use to make your home smell amazing, which will also provide you with additional health benefits. Have you tried essential oils, incense, resins or incense sticks? These are among your best options.

Essentail oils

Among the most natural and therapeutic choices are essential oils, that is oil obtained through extraction from vegetables (flowers, leaves, stems or roots). They are sold in concentrated forms and take only a few drops each use. Among the most popular:

• Citric: (orange, grapefruit or mandarin) which have a delicious aroma and can have a positive impact on your overall mood to fight depression.
• Lemon: which contains the same properties as citric and also haha fresh scent that combats germs.
• Lavender: which has relaxing effects.
• Mint: which acts as an energizer and can help cool a hot home.
• Eucalyptus: that can help alleviate respiratory problems.
• Ylang-ylang: is a stimulant with an exotic and aphrodisiac affect.

How to use them

You can find aromatic diffusers in any store, but they may be slightly expense although a great investment.

One the other hand, burners that also help distribute the scent with the help of a candle and vegetable oil (almond or olive) which is infused with a few drops of essential oil.

Finally, a much more economic way to use them is to apply directly to an unlit bulb. When you turn on the light the heat from the bulb will automatically distribute the scent.

When you buy essential oils always ensure yo are getting a natural product that doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients to get the most of the therapeutic edge of essential oils.

Incense and resins

Oriental cultures have used resins and incense for decades, traditionally as part of a cleansing ritual or to create serene environments. Their use is simple:

• Incense: it only takes a moment to light them and their scents as they burn and release smoke is long lasting.
• Resins: With a piece of burning charcoal, you can light the resin by placing it directly on top.

But each one has its own benefits depending on its ingredients. Among the best are:

• Cinnamon: a stimulant and aphrodesiac.
• Pachuli: delivers serenity and sensuality.
• Sandlewood: lifts the mood, relaxes and promotes meditative states.
• Myr: has relaxing properties and promotes optimism and confidence.
• Cedar: cleanses the environment.
• Benzoin: washes away negative energy.
• Vanilla: sweet and delicate with aphrodisiac properties.
• Rose: offers serenity and lifts spirits.

It’s important to always use high quality incense and resins so that their therapeutic properties come through and avoid characteristics that might be toxic for you. Incense is not suited for those who can not stand the smoke freshener , cause it generates in big amounts.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo “Holy Wood” is considered a sacred wood and deserves a mention due to its various properties which include:

• Eliminates negative energy and promotes positive energy.
• Combats stress and promotes serenity.
• Acts as an aphrodesiac.
• Improves respiratory conditions such as asthma.
• Naturally repels mosquitoes and bugs.
• Has diuretic, cleansing and antit-rheumatic properties.
• Eliminates germs because of its antiseptic and antiviral properties.

To use, light a stick of the wood and let it burn for an instant. The scent is delicious and very little smoke has great coverage in a room.

Other economic choices

If you’re looking for something a bit more economic, try:

• Fresh cuttings from pants such as rosemary, mint or thyme.
• Natural flowers such as jasmine, rose or morning glory.
• Boil leaves and stems from plants such as eucalyptus or cinnamon to diffuse scent.
• Puncture a citric fruit such as orange, with cloves.

You should be able to find each of these ingredients in an apothecary’s shop or in a natural or organic foods store.