Olive oil and lemon remedy – ideal for mornings

Today let’s look at this excellent remedy that has been known since ancient times and one that you should not overlook. Do you know what a simple tablespoon of olive oil and lemon can do for your health? Find out with us!

Take a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon and take care of your health

As you know, olive oil is a basic part of the always beneficial Mediterranean diet. It provides essential fatty acids that allow us to confront, for example, the so-called bad cholesterol; it is also an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins. It was called liquid gold by the Greeks and Romans who appreciated its value. Olive oil should be an essential element in our daily diet. But do you know at what time of the day we can benefit the most from olive oil? In the mornings. Let us explain why.

1. To combat constipation

It is ideal. If you combine olive oil with lemon you will attain a lubricant for the digestive mucus and in turn activate the function of the liver and gallbladder. This simple remedy protects us from the inside, acting as a powerful antioxidant able to get rid of toxins, purify and care for the body. All this activates digestion and helps in eliminating everything that we do not need.

2. To protect the heart

As already mentioned, olive oil is rich in fatty acids, those elements so beneficial for our body to reactivate the circulation and remove the excess bad cholesterol. It is also a great anti-inflammatory and protector which, when combined with lemon, provides us with excellent vitamins. That is why we not only recommend it for you, but the little ones can also benefit by taking this simple teaspoon of olive oil with three drops of lemon. Why not try it?

3. To help with articular or rheumatic problems

Their secret is, as you know, in their anti-inflammatory properties. If we are consistent and we take it every day on an empty stomach, we will fight the joint pain. You’ll do well to start the day with this “liquid gold”.

4. To balance out the bile of the liver and gallbladder

This is one of the most important facts. There are many times when we feel swollen, heavy, tired and listless too. Our body may be “toxified” by a poor diet or perhaps by some problem with the body’s elimination system, a factor occasioned primarily by a liver and gallbladder overload. What can we do?

To combat this exhaustion and discomfort that is most notable in the mornings, there is nothing better than taking a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and lemon. Since every body is different, it is important that you start taking it and see for yourself how you feel, although it is almost always well tolerated.

It’s an excellent idea to start taking this simple remedy if you notice that you wake up with a pasty mouth that tastes acidic. There are days when we sleep badly, our digestion becomes somewhat slower and sometimes we even have a headache. Your body is toxified and it is the moment when we must detox. Just a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil with three drops of lemon juice. We should take it first thing after getting up and even before taking a shower or getting ready. After half an hour you can eat breakfast as usual. You will see how well you begin to feel!