Remedy to Reduce Belly Fat and Fluid Retention

Ginger can help you burn fat because it speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel full. Cinnamon raises your body temperature, which has the same effect.

Who out there has never had at little unwanted belly fat? This is a normal phenomenon that tends to occur mainly in women, because our metabolism causes us to store fat in this area, as well as the fluids that we aren’t able to properly eliminate from our bodies. Would you like to learn more about a simple remedy that will help you with this problem? Check it out here!

Easy remedy for getting rid of belly fat and fluid retention

How would you like to kill two birds with one stone? Get rid of both excess fluids and fat? Well, that’s what we’re here to show you today, but we should clarify that this isn’t a miracle treatment. It’s a simple, natural remedy that is healthy enough to consume every day. Because, sometimes, the most basic things are what offer us the best results, especially in the case of medicinal plants. But which medicinal plants are we talking about? Take a look at the following list:

• Dandelion: this is one of the most efficient medicinal plants for getting rid of fat. Now, according to experts, the best part of dandelion for weight loss are its roots. You can find them at specialty natural food stores, and, as we said, they’re really great. This plant, in addition to having a wonderful detoxifying effect on your kidneys and liver, stimulates organ purification and urine production. It can get rid of swelling in the abdomen, regulate blood sugar levels and, above all, increase the strength of your immune system. Incredible!
• Freshly chopped ginger: by now, you’re surely familiar with the multiple benefits of ginger, whether it be to get rid of fat, purify your system or reduce swelling. In fact, the University of Maastricht found that this plant is capable of increasing metabolism and, thus, burning fat. Ginger also makes you feel full and is a great way to start your day.
• Cinnamon: did you know that cinnamon is great for burning fat and losing weight? In addition to its delicious flavor that goes so well with a number of dishes and beverages, cinnamon is also great for reducing blood sugar levels, protecting you against extremely high or low insulin levels. Plus, cinnamon increases body temperature, producing a number of chemical reaction that, in turn, speed up your body’s metabolism. So, during that thermogenic process, you end up burning excess calories. It’s just excellent!
• Mint: do you enjoy mint’s delicious flavor? Well, it also has a number of medicinal properties that are great for getting rid of fat, stimulating stomach function, increasing digestive metabolism, emulsifying the fat-burning process and, what’s more, it improves gallbladder function, increasing biliary secretion.

1. How do I make a remedy to reduce belly fat?

You will need these amounts of the following ingredients:

• One tablespoon of dandelion root
• One tablespoon of grated fresh ginger
• One piece of a cinnamon stick
• 5 mint leaves
• One and a half cups of water
• Two tablespoons of honey

2. How to I make and consume this remedy?

It’s really easy. You should consume this remedy three times throughout the entire day, three days per week. The first time you drink it should be in the morning on an empty stomach, right after you get out of bed. It should be room temperature, and it’s important that you use fresh ingredients. As you can see, most of the plants used in this remedy are quite economical and won’t be hard to find. In terms of the dandelion component, we recommend using the root which has great weight loss properties.

The second time you drink it should be after lunch so that it can have an effect on your digestion and purify your system better. The final time you should take this remedy will be when you go to bed. Remember, it should be room temperature, not too hot or cold. Plus, the mixture of honey, mint and ginger will help you sleep better. This tea is not only recommended for getting rid of fat, but is also a tonic and a very healthy remedy that’s great for digestion.

To prepare this remedy, you should cook all of the ingredients in a cup and a half of water. Once the mixture has boiled, let it set for ten minutes. Then, pour this weight loss remedy into a glass bottle and allow it to come to room temperature. As we said before, drink it three times per day, three days per week.

As you know, you should complement this remedy with a healthy, balanced diet, avoiding harmful fats. Also, don’t forget to do physical activity every day. Just walking for half an hour per day will help you lose weight more quickly. And if you try following a diet with a friend, it will certainly be easier. Are you ready to try it out?