Simple and Natural Ways to Treat Sinusitis

To treat sinusitis, it is important to avoid certain foods that cause mucus, such as milk and refined flours as well as doing nasal treatments.

Sinusitis is an inflammatory of the nasal sinus cavities found within and around the bones around the nose which, for many reasons, can become acute or chronic.

This article will explain a simple, inexpensive, and natural way to treat sinusitis and its symptoms: excessive mucus, congestion, stuffy nose, headaches in certain parts of the head, cough, and fatigue. We will also explain what foods can cause excessive mucus and provide advice on how to do this natural treatment.

Natural treatment

To naturally treat sinusitis you can follow this simple, inexpensive, and effective remedy. You will need:

• A ceramic or plastic Tibetan neti pot: this is a utensil that resembles a little teapot that allows you to rinse and open up the nasal passages. The neti pot can be bought at health food stores or any store that sells general health products. It is a more healthy product than other aggressive sprays that use too much force.

• Sea water, mixed with water in the following way: two and half times water for every one part of sea water. You can buy sea water at health food stores, and some supermarkets and general stores. If you can’t find any, you can mix 1 liter of natural water with three teaspoons of sea salt until it has completely dissolved.

How do you use it?

To use the neti pot and salt water to clean out your sinuses you should do the following:

• Make sure the neti pot and water you use are very clean.
• Put some salt water into the neti pot and position yourself above a container to catch falling water.
• You should always do this with your mouth open to breathe. You then want to lean forward.
• Put the neti pot against the left nostril, relax, and allow the water to flow from the right nostril.
• You should then carefully clean the nose, breathing gently to get rid of the rest of the excess mucus and toxins.
• Repeat this with the right nostril.


If you use this technique, you will take advantage of the following benefits:

• A better capacity to breathe.
• You will eliminate mucus that accumulates in the sinuses such as bacteria and toxins.
• Helps clean and unstuff other parts such as ears, eyes, and nose.
• Activates nerve endings connected to the brain.
• Alleviates migraines.
• Improves concentration.
• Prevents insomnia.
• Creates a sense of well-being and relaxation.
• Reduces the likelihood of snoring.

Foods that create a lot of mucus

Avoiding foods that create a lot of mucus is just as important as cleaning the nasal cavities. The main foods that should be avoided are the following:

• Milk and lactate products, especially from cows. You can substitute them with products from goats, sheep or other animals, or from vegetables (such as oatmeal, rice, or almond milk).
• Refined flours, especially those founds in bread and pastries. They should be limited as much as possible and substituted with dextrin bread (that resemble little toasted rusks), or little rice or corn cakes.

Other advice

Aside from this treatment, you can also use these effective old remedies:

• Nettle herbal tea: It is cleansing and eliminates excess mucus.
• Crushed garlic: This has a mucolytic effect which reduces mucus. You can include it in the foods you eat (you can also do the Tibetan garlic cure), or you can take garlic supplements if you have problems digesting it.
• There is also an ancient American Indian remedy that uses what are called Hopi candles or ear candles, which are artisan cones made from beeswax, herbs, and other medicinal extracts which work easily and effectively. Even though the wax specifically works to eliminate the wax and toxins from the ear, it indirectly cleans all of the sinus cavities in the head. These candles can be found in some pharmacies, or health food stores. It shouldn’t be used if you have a burst eardrum, allergies, skin problems on the outer ear, or if you have an ear infection. You should always carefully read instructions before doing any sort of treatment.