Super Drink to Naturally Relieve Pain, Inflammation and Arthritis

For a long time it has been known that a diet high in antioxidants is key to fighting and stopping the action of free radicals, which are molecules that can lead to differing types of illnesses including cancer. Various studies have been able to determine that many of the foods with antioxidant properties can help to improve health and to prevent different types of illnesses.

One of these foods with a high amount of antioxidants and which is easy to obtain is turmeric. This spice, considered one of the most beneficial for the body, is characterized by its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, in addition to having some 300 antioxidants. Just as turmeric is included as an ingredient in many recipes around the world, it is also a part of many natural remedies and therapies that have as a goal to better health.

In this article we want to share a recipe for turmeric juice that can be prepared with the spice in powdered form or even better with the fresh root. This powerful drink has a high analgesic and anti-inflammatory power and many other health benefits.

Healthy drink made from turmeric

This incredible remedy is part of traditional Eastern medicine and its recipe has spread all over the world since its effectiveness has been proven. All the ingredients used are from a natural source and have a very positive effect on the body to alleviate different types of pains and to help prevent illnesses.


• 1 tablespoon of powered turmeric
• 5 cm (2 inches) of ginger root
• 5 carrots
• 2 lemons
• 1 orange
• 1 cucumber

How to prepare it?

Peal the citrus fruits, the ginger root and the carrots. Mix all the ingredients in a blender and process until you have obtained the juice. For better results it is best to drink it a half hour before breakfast.

What are the curative properties of this drink?

• It combats arthritis: the juice from turmeric has a high analgesic and anti-inflammatory power that can help to fight arthritis and its symptoms. The curcumin, which is the active ingredient in turmeric, becomes active when diluted with the other ingredients and it relieves the stiffness and swelling in the joints.
• For depression and dementia: in studies carried out by scientists in the United States it has been determined that turmeric can help to reduce the risk of depression and dementia, and at the same time relieve some of the symptoms. In this study they discovered that turmeric is only 2.5% less effective than anti-depressant drugs, but the most important is to know that turmeric has no side effects. Although more scientific evidence is lacking to explain this effect of turmeric, it is believed that it blocks the enzymes that increase the risk of depression and that is also reduces the level of cytokines, which are those that can affect the body’s response to stress.
• It reduces pain: turmeric acts as a natural analgesic that can help to reduce and control different types of pains. Turmeric contains NF-B, a protein capable of activating the defense mechanisms of the body that help to fight against pain.
• Anti-cancer: by being a drink rich in antioxidants, this natural remedy could help to fight and stop the action of free radicals that accumulate in the body and that lead to many illnesses including cancer. The juice from turmeric could help to prevent ovarian cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

• Digestive problems: this drink from turmeric helps to reduce stomach bloating, alleviates acid and gastritis. And, further, you can include more turmeric in your diet to take the most advantage of this benefit.
• It prevents heart problems: the consumption of the juice from turmeric can help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, protect the heart and improve the health of the blood vessels. It is recommended to help prevent different types of heart problems.
• It eliminates toxins: the drink from turmeric has cleansing and detoxing properties that stimulate the elimination of toxic substances from the body, helping to prevent different illnesses and to improve the health of the skin.
• It protects the liver: turmeric acts as a biliary tonic and protects the liver thanks to its high contact of curcumin. There are various studies that have determined that turmeric could help to eliminate stones from the gallbladder, facilitate the digestion of fats and have an anti-inflammatory effect.