The 5 Best Raw Foods to get a Flat Belly

Onion helps speed up the body’s metabolism and lower blood sugar levels. You should always eat it raw: when cooked, it can lose as many as 60% of its beneficial enzymes.

You’ve probably already heard about the benefits of a raw foods diet to trim your figure and help you lose weight. But when we talk about foods being “raw,” we don’t mean you need to start eating uncooked meats or fish. Don’t let that word scare you off!

According to nutritionists, increasing your daily intake of raw fruits and vegetables will help you not only burn more fat, but also help prevent numerous diseases and even slow the aging process. We’re sure that the information in today’s article will be of interest to you.

The many benefits of eating raw foods

There are lots of foods out there that have more benefits when eaten raw than when they’re cooked. Raw foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that help you feel more satisfied.

Keep in mind that it’s important to know where your raw fruits and vegetables come from. The less chemicals and pesticides they’ve come into contact with during cultivation the better, so don’t think twice about choosing organic produce over other, less-natural products.

How can raw foods benefit you?

Say goodbye to abdominal bloating: If you normally experience indigestion or gas after eating, choosing five raw pieces of fruits and vegetables a day will help fight these annoying problems. Chew slower, and your food will reach the stomach better. You also activate enzymes that improve digestion and help absorb nutrients. And don’t forget that eating raw foods is the best way to avoid constipation.

You’ll feel more satisfied: Eating raw foods not only helps you absorb more nutrients, but they trigger neurotransmitters in the brain that let the body know that you’re full. They even raise serotonin levels, which improves your mood.

Slow the process of aging: Do you really want to avoid those pesky wrinkles? Well it’s not that raw foods help avoid them forever, but they can delay their appearance thanks to their high content of antioxidants. According to a study about the aging process at the Research Center for Human Nutrition, Dr. Jean Mayer at Tufts University in Boston concluded that eating raw fruits and vegetables every day gives you more antioxidants to fight aging of the brain and other degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s, for example.

Balance between sodium and potassium: Did you know that eating raw vegetables is a great way to get potassium? Certain fruits and vegetables are excellent for fighting excess sodium in the body and restoring the balance that’s necessary for good health.

Ideal for weight loss: People who include certain raw foods in their daily diet find it helps them lose weight. This technique is highly effective because it helps them feel satisfied and nourished by foods that are low in calories and fats. But remember that following this kind of diet requires a lot of willpower. You need to eat five servings of raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day, in addition to seeds and sprouts. Combining them with other foods will give you the protein you need and you will achieve that flat belly you’re working so hard to achieve – but it requires a lot of dedication to the cause.

What are the best raw foods?

Broccoli and watercress

You already know how healthy broccoli and watercress are. We’ve talked about it many times in our blog and recommend that you eat at least two to three servings a week…but did you know that they’re better for you eaten raw? When these two vegetables are cooked, they lose the enzymes that fight cancer and improve digestion.

To enjoy them raw, just chop them into very small pieces and combine them with sprouts and other foods. They’re excellent for maintaining a healthy weight.

Red pepper

This fat-free food is ideal for speeding up your metabolism. Red bell peppers are always healthier if you consume them raw. They help fight constipation and are more easily digested in their raw form, while providing you with more vitamins and antioxidants. Add thin slices of red peppers to your salads.


Do you like onions? They add a nice flavor to your recipes, that unique taste that complements so many things. But you should know that when you cook onions, you lose up to 60% of the healthy minerals and antioxidants they provide. It’s best to eat onions raw, but not in excessive quantities.

This will speed up your metabolism and in addition to that, you’ll benefit from a substance known as glucoquinine, which helps lower blood sugar levels. It’s fantastic!

Green apple

Skip the jams and natural juices. It’s best to eat raw green apples in the morning, including the peel. This is a healthy way to care for your body, burn more fat, and get that flat stomach you’re waiting for.


When you incorporate a lot of rice or meats in your diet, you usually have plenty of garlic, as well. It adds flavor and spice. But if you eat garlic raw, you gain a lot more benefits, because when you cook garlic you lose the allicin content, a component that acts as a natural antibiotic and detox agent in the body. Why not start your morning off with a glass of water and a clove of raw garlic instead?