Things you never knew about kissing

The human races uses kissing as a tool to not only evaluate attraction but built relationships.

Kisses are more than just signs of compatibility and love among people. There is a biological component that allows us to know if the person we are sharing a kiss with is the right person for us. The most stimulating kiss, the one that carries the most emotion, is the right one. Are you curious about what else you never knew about kissing?

The importance of kissing when you’re looking for the perfect partner

You’ve probably experienced it before: kissing someone to find that what you thought was an intense connection at first just isn’t present anymore. Biologists and psychologist deduce that kissing is much more than just a union of lips; this simple gesture is a measure of unconscious signals regarding your partner. The process of kissing is a little moment during which your body is reacting to stimulants, a biological process, psychological cues and neural transmission that make an impressive case study for researchers.

One of those studies was recently published in “Human Nature” and “Archives of Sexual Behavior”. It’s a study by Rafael Wlodarski and his team from the University of Oxford (Britain) that composite various interviews and came studies of 900 people between the ages of 18 and 63. Curious as to the results? You’ll certainly be surprised.

• Women give more weight to the importance of kissing than men and show they need the gesture more often.
• Kisses, according to these authors, serve as a measure of the genetic compatibility of a potential partner. It may seem a little far fetched thinking one possess an internal compatibility scale, but the truth is that chemical signals from kissing give you an accurate view of how comparable you are. You are more likely to choose a partner based on the emotional and sympathy cues from a kiss.
• Kisses are the first physical contact which initiates a bond between partners, becoming the cumulation of an attraction.
• Women are more selective when choosing partners. Kisses are important to them in that they are basic and necessary exhibitions of care. In general, kisses can become more important to women than the sex act, because its a daily exhibition of intimacy and reinforces ties.
• Men don’t assign as much importance to kisses, but admit that a relationship is more stable and happy when kissing is a regular thing.
• Kisses connect people and initiate emotional responses. Studies have been initiated where two strangers are asked to kiss. Initial contact was determined to be awkward and timid, but once a kiss was initiated the two people’s emotions were shown to be escalated so much so that they viewed each other differently after the kiss. Kisses were shown to be a an emotional trigger.
• For those people who are single, a kiss was noted as the most important post-sexual contact. It was both the first emotional escalation and the final de-escalation of emotions.
• For established partners, kissing was as important as sex. They noted that kissing was a key activity in the day to day relationship, while noting the negative responses if kissing was not engaged in regularly.
• Researchers noted that in established partners, the amount of kissing was directly related to the satisfaction of a relationship, although not specifically lumped in with sex.

Kissing makes an interesting case study into human relationships, and let’s face it, an enjoyable past time. Don’t you agree?