Vegetables for Weight Loss

All vegetables are essential in weight loss diets or for maintaining an ideal weight, but some of them can also help you lose weight quicker thanks to their specific properties that eliminate fat and fluids. In this article, we will list fantastic vegetables for weight loss and a healthy diet.


Leafy green vegetables, and lettuce in particular, are foods rich in vitamins, minerals and magnesium, that also contain a lot of fiber and are highly satisfying, which is why it is good to combine them with other foods everyday. Lettuce also has relaxing effects, which will help you prevent the anxiety that weight loss diets can cause. You can eat it raw in salads or also cooked, in a soup, or as a puree.


Another one of the best vegetables for weight loss are onions, which you can include in a variety of dishes. Onions help you eliminate fluids, avoid constipation, and control sugar levels in the blood.

If you don’t have problems digesting it, you can eat it raw in salads or as a garnish. You can also eat it in creams, grilled, or even make an onion-based soup, which we recommend especially for people that suffer from significant fluid retention or who want to cleanse their kidneys a little bit.


Cucumbers are good with the heat. This is a vegetable with a large amount of water and is very low in calories, which is why it’s ideal to satisfy you instead of eating other foods that make you gain more weight. Eat it in salads or as a garnish. Also, if it is tender and organic, we recommend that you also eat it for your skin.

A typical Greek recipe that you can make as a delicious and light appetizer involves cutting the cucumber in strips and including yogurt sauce, garlic salt, sea salt, and another aromatic herb along with it. The combination of cucumber dipped in sauce is delicious.

You can also make a simple green gazpacho by stirring or blending cucumber, parsley, or fresh basil with a garlic clove, lemon juice, olive oil, and a little bit of sea salt. This is a very refreshing and diuretic drink.


Broccoli is a vegetable with a lot of health properties and in this case, because it is low in sodium and calories, and is also rich in fiber, it is great for losing weight.

This vegetable helps you fight fat and frequently eating it also helps protect you from diseases like cancer.

We recommend not overcooking it so that it maintains its properties. A sign is if its keeps its green color and a slightly crunchy texture.


Garlic, a medicinal food that you should eat everyday if you don’t feel well, is essential not only for your health in general but also to lose weight because it has the property of eliminating fat deposits and cleansing your blood.

In order to get the benefits of its properties, you should eat it raw by doing the famous Tibetan garlic cure, for example.

If you find it hard to eat raw, you can try eating it by putting in a piece of whole wheat toast, which will make its effects on your stomach gentler. You can also choose capsules or pills that are sold in pharmacies or dietary stores.

How to Cook them

If you want to lose weight, always avoiding frying food and instead go for steaming, grilling, baking, or seasoned with a little bit of olive oil.

You should also not abuse salt and always choose sea salt instead of table salt.

Lastly, you can use seasoning that will help strengthen the slimming effects of vegetables even more. For example, if you use spices like cayenne or ginger, besides giving a spicy and original touch to food, it will also accelerate your metabolism and increase how much energy you use.

If you have problems digesting some vegetables or they give you gas, it’s best to add a little bit of cumin or anise when cooking them.

You can also season them with a little bit of lemon juice or a few drops of apple cider vinegar, which will help improve digestion and burn fat.