Why Do We Get Pimples and How Can We Prevent Them?

Pimples aren’t just problems that affect our looks. They are also one of the ways the body eliminates toxins – i.e. toxic substances that the body naturally expels through the pores of the skin.

In this article we explain why we get pimples and how we can make sure our body is able to eliminate toxic substances in other ways, to treat this problem naturally and at its source.

How the body cleanses itself

Our body is always seeking to maintain a natural balance. If we learn to understand the signs and symptoms of that process, we can also prevent many health problems.

Every day our body accumulates toxins through different channels:

Harmful foods (additives, refined foods, fried foods, trans fats, white sugar, etc.)

Poor digestion of food

Contaminants (smoke, pollution, toxic substances)

Alcoholic beverages

Cosmetic products with toxic substances

And as our body works to function efficiently, it also has organs to eliminate these toxins:


Kidneys and bladder



How can we purify the skin?

The skin expels toxins through its pores by sweating or by forming tiny fat deposits that can turn into pimples, blemishes, acne, etc. In all of these cases, we must remember that it is preferable to have the ability to remove these substances rather than not, which could ultimately create cysts or tumors.

But we can always find a way to eliminate these toxins in other ways. The two main ones are:

Preventing the entry of toxins

Finding other ways to remove toxins

How to prevent the entry of toxins

Always buy natural foods, unprocessed if possible (avoid commercially prepared food, packaged foods, etc.) or those that have been cooked at home

Choose organic foods whenever possible

Wash fruits and vegetables well and peel them if you’re not certain that they are clean

Avoid all types of additives

Do not combine many different foods in one meal

Treat any digestive problems (heartburn, acid reflux, gas, etc.)

Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly

Avoid tobacco products and alcohol

Avoid toxic substances (paints, varnishes, gases, etc.)

Install an air purification system in the home

Always use homemade or natural cosmetics, free of petroleum products or those that contain heavy metals

What foods can cause more pimples?

There are some foods that can promote the appearance of pimples, and so we should completely cut them out or reduce them from our diet:

Milk and dairy products that are high in fat, such as heavy cream, cheese or ice cream

Red meat

Sausages and smoked meats, especially those high in fat

Milk chocolate (instead, try chocolates with a high percentage of cacao or dark chocolate)

Trans or hydrogenated fats, such as margarine

Certain sauces

Fried foods

How to detoxify our bodies?

To avoid the appearance of pimples we can enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins in other ways:

Maintain regular intestinal health, preventing constipation or controlling recurrent diarrhea

Care for the liver and improve function with bitter teas (milk thistle, boldo leaf, dandelion, artichoke)

Enhance the kidney’s diuretic function with teas made from burdock root and horsetail

Perform regular detoxifying therapies like oil rinses, the Tibetan garlic tincture, or cleansing diets

Caring for our skin

It is also essential that we learn to care for our skin so that it can eliminate toxins through the pores without pimples forming.

Once a week, apply a skin peeling mask that’s suited to your skin type, using natural products like sugar, salt, or baking soda

Every ten to fifteen days use a clay mask, which absorbs toxic substances and also provides minerals for the skin

Use natural moisturizers, even those with oils, and always avoid using artificial creams – especially those that contain paraffin

To remove excess oil on the surface of the skin, blot with rice paper and occasionally apply aloe vera gel

Avoid touching pimples when they do appear. Just apply a drop of essential oil of tea tree and wait for it to dry, so it doesn’t get infected.