5 Bedtime Habits of Successful People

1. How many hours of sleep do you need to wake well rested?

The answer seems simple enough. We’ve all heard many times that people need 8 hours a night to rest properly. But the reality is that we’re not all the same and we don’t all have the same sleep requirements. For some people 6 hours is enough and others may need 9, with the average being 8. Only you know how many hours you need to wake up feeling refreshed, the key to this is setting a bed time. Do you need 7 hours of sleep? Then you should plan on being in bed by 10 or 11 pm.

Something else to keep in mind: Studies show that it’s not good to get up and rush around, setting the alarm for 7 am to leave the house at 7:30, for example. It’s better to get up, calmly eat breakfast, take a shower and leave your home feeling relaxed. Getting up early is a better way to seize the day.

2. Reading before bed

We should tell you that reading before bed is a healthy habit to get into; several studies show that reading for 15 minutes before going to bed relieves stress. Because it’s relaxing, reading before bed reduces anxiety and allows us to fall asleep more quickly. But keep this in mind: it’s not a good to read from a computer screen or tablet. The light from electronic devices keeps us alert instead of relaxing us. What about a nice paperback instead?

3. What about a walk?

Are you able to take short walks in the area where you live? Is it safe and well-lit? Great! If you can get someone to walk with you, even better. A 15-20 minute walk oxygenates the blood, helps you to relax and see things from another angle, and increases your sense of well-being. Walks are great for helping you think more clearly and putting problems into perspective. There are times when this relaxation will result in a sudden burst of creativity or fresh ideas, something that successful people like Bill Gates often experience. Take a short walk before bed and you’ll see how great it makes you feel.

4. Spend more time with family and friends

They’re the driving force behind our lives, the real energy that boosts our happiness. Spending quality time with family and friends before going to bed is essential to a fulfilling life: dinner with friends, playing with your kids, a shower with your partner… it costs nothing and will make you feel good about yourself. Spending time with family is as important to your happiness and quality of life as breathing.

5. Visualize the next day

How does planning the next before you go to sleep help you? Visualizing the next day will help you establish goals and set limits of what you’ll be able to do. It’s a good way to remind ourselves of who we are and that we have a purpose. Visualizing the next day is a common strategy among successful people, but remember to be realistic and not set too many goals. Remember that true happiness lies in the little things; saying no to going out with a coworker you can’t stand so you can go to the park with your child is a good plan. What if we put it into practice?

These guidelines will not only help you be more personally successful, but they will also help you get more enjoyment out of your life. Remember that your bedtime habits can influence your health. You should eat a light dinner at least two hours before bed time. Quality time with family and friends enriches our emotions; going for a walk or taking a warm bath is a good way to relax; and reading for a few minutes before bed will relieve stress and ease tension. Being a little happier is as simple as following these tips. Are you ready?