5 Habits that Damage Your Bones

So how do you take care of your bones? The truth is, sometimes we just don’t think about it. We eat incorrectly, we carry too much weight in our bags, we live a sedentary life, and slowly, as the years go by, aches and problems develop. So how do we prevent this from happening? Don’t worry, we’re going to explain which common habits damage your bones and should avoid.

Daily habits that damage bones

Let’s get this clear: your current lifestyle will determine your bone health tomorrow. You bones need certain types of care and specific dietary nourishment to prevent certain kinds of diseases, like osteoporosis, as well as damages, early hips fractures…etc. So if if you take note and start to change or improve a few life habits, what happens?

1. Diet that damages bones

We all know that your body mass index depends on the amount of calcium in your body as well, which is absolutely necessary to keeping bones strong and firm. Vitamin D is also essential for this, but often times even though you know this, you still don’t take very good care of it. But even if you make the effort to take calcium daily, if you combine it with other types of food, it won’t do you any good. There are certain elements that slowly decrease calcium levels in the bones. Would you like to hear about them?

Sodas, especially cola drinks. Why? Because they are high in phosphoric acid, which reducing calcium absorption. So it’s better to avoid them. Your kidneys also suffer greatly by having to process these carbonated beverages.

Coffee. True, one cup of coffee is good for a lot of things, as we all know. But it’s always recommendable to never exceed two cups a day. Coffee contains xanthines, which increase calcium release through the urine. Slowly it demineralizes the bones. So remember not to drink more than two cups a day.

Salt. We all know that salt is bad, but is also robs calcium from the body. It is better to avoid it, and everything that contains salt. It is especially important to reduce your consumption of preserved meats, preservatives, canned foods, snack, and salty crackers.

Red meat. This is especially damaging for the bones. they are rich in sulfur-containing amino acids. These elements that increase the amount of calcium released via urine, without you even noticing. Remember that it is always best to get your protein from plant-based sources.

2. Lack of sleep

Rest is an indispensable biological need. But you should know that the body goes through essential cycles of cleansing and detoxifying, processes that start in the lymphatic system and continue to the liver. They slowly restore and re-balance basic bodily functions. This is only achieved when you are completely submerged in deep rest. According to one study published in the Journal Evidence-Based-Medicine, not sleeping well damages bone health and bone marrow, and reduces and makes bone mineralization more difficult. This could lead to osteoporosis later on. So why not try following a schedule, eating dinner early, taking a warm shower before going to bed, and thereby resting well?

3. Don’t smoke

Individuals that fall into this harmful habit generally have the weakest bones. This is even more pronounced in women, who are more likely to suffer from broken bones when reaching menopause. So if this is you, start a plan for dropping cigarettes for the good of your health.

4. Be careful with bags and high heels

Women have a lot of habits that, over time, damage bones. Using high heels, for example, affects posture and thereby affects the bones in the feet, shins and back. At the end of the day the pain from wearing them sets in, along with the fatigue, but after years go by, you could suffer from more serious problems. It’s better to choose a medium height high heel that’s more comfortable. You will definitely still look attractive in them.

We also need to talk about bags. Sometime women end up carrying up to 10 kilos in their bag without even realizing it. Then comes the discomfort, the pain, the muscle cramps…they could even affect your bone structure. You need to pay attention to the size of bag you’re using every day, because it could affect other areas of the body, like the shoulders, arms and hands, for example.

You need to be especially careful with large bags, called “totes”. Remember to carry them for a short period of time on one shoulder, without loading it too heavily. Purses or satchels cause the weight to fall on the shoulders, and the supporting hand will also be overloaded. Make sure that your elbows don’t suffer from it, otherwise you’ll end up with “tennis elbow”. If this is your situation, it’s better to carry them with very little weight, and change arms every once in a while.

So, what’s they best option? The healthiest thing for your back, arms and shoulders is an over-the-shoulder bag with a wide and cushioned strap that easily tightens and balances to the body.

5. Sedentary life? No thanks

And regarding work, which might force you into the same posture day in and day out, or if you just live a sedentary life, it’s never too late to start becoming aware of your slouching so you can fix it. Bones do grow weak, they lose their strength, agility, the joints aren’t as strong anymore…year after year you will feel the consequences from being sedentary. So why not start to walk with a friend every day? Try it!